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Friday, January 14, 2011

SOO dang cute!!

My aunt just sent me an e-mail with this video! It is so cute, I just have to share. I probably should preface it a little bit too. So, when I was... what? 12? I went out one night to help my dad feed our horses. When we walked by the side of our house, we found an abused dog. After much pleading, my parents let me keep him. His name became Max. Well, come to find out Max sings!! Whenever one of us would play the piano he would sit next to the piano bench and sing. I thought it was the cutest thing EVER! My family all got annoyed. Years later, Buddy comes into my life. I decided it'd be cute to teach Buddy how to sing. He does sing, but he has a bit of stage fright. Maybe one day he'll let us record him. Anyway~ there's the story behind my singing dogs. Hope you enjoy this dog's playing and singing. Now that is talent!


JLBills said...

I love your new blog style!! LOVE it!!

Jeni said...

Oh my goodness we are laughing here!! Bart's gonna post this on his FB page. It's that good!

Jeni said...

BTW, this dog's dramatic exit is too too cute! A born drama king. I can totally see Buddy being an excellent rival!!