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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Going to be an experience

As you have all probably figured out by now ... I love stories and I love telling them. So here's a story (I have to tell two parts, then I'll join them together):

Part one:
When I was 17 I was called to be on youth rep. for our ward in planning a trek up to WY. I loved most of the experience. I loved the trek, the planning, meeting new people on the stake level, etc. The part I didn't love? Having to dress up in pioneer era clothing. Here are some pictures from the event

This one is my trek family

this is my whole ward

So here's part two of the story:
Sunday night Jared comes upstairs to find me with the phone on his ear (this is like 9 p.m.) and ask if we can meet with two high counselmen Tues. night. Um... sure?? I'm totally stumped. Why in the world? It couldn't be like a stake young men, young women, etc. calling. That would come from the stake presidency. I started freaking out, Jared of course was calm. So last night was the big night.

Joining the two stories:
Maybe you have guessed by now BUT what the high counselmen wanted is... they called us to be a "Ma & Pa" for a trek to WY that the youth in our stake are going on this summer. So I get a chance of lifetime... twice! :o) I guess I didn't learn what the Lord wanted me to the first time ;o) j/k. I am, overall, so stoked. I can't wait. It's going to be amazing. I can't wait to help the youth have a great, spiritual experience. We'll have 8 "kids" ranging from 14-18 yrs. old. The part I'm not so crazy about... 1) I have to wear the pioneer clothing again (knew I should've kept those ugly skirts). 2) This means this is going to be a crazy semester trying to do school, scouts, I'm on an adoptive couple retreat committee, and now this. I can't wait, but I can... if that makes sense. Anyway~ there's our latest news. Hope this finds everyone good and well! Love to all


Sara said...

Oh Devin, I know how you feel. Right after we got married, I wall called to be Camp Director for my ward. Remember how much I LOVED camp? I guess the Lord still had some things to teach me there. Good luck with your trek, you will be a fabulous Ma! Oh, my sister, who is about your hieght, might still have her skirts from that trek. If you need them let me know and I can ask her where they are. Love ya!

Nola said...

Good luck with the trek. (Knock on wood...I have never been on one.) You are so busy! I hope you have time to relax and enjoy occasionally!

Jeni said...

YEA! What a fun assignment for you two! HAVE A BLAST!