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Friday, March 25, 2011

boring update

So yeah... not much has been going on. I think that may be a good thing lol

Jared's up against a big deadline. It looks like they will finish today (before like 1:30 p.m.). IF they do, they he will get to be home by like 2 or 3.... and not have to go back to work until Tues.! He could use the break. Other then I think that's about all going on with Jared. Pretty low key type of guy.

With me... on the school front... I successfully finished all nursing school clinicals!!! YAY! One more step towards graduation in 5 1/2 weeks!! Kind of sad though because clinicals is my favorite part. But now I can focus on the theory and pass all 3 of those I have left. To be honest, currently I'm a little behind on two of the classes. By little I mean 2 or 3%... I can easily catch up. But I have to be able to work at catching up. lol Other then that... we had pack meeting this last week. Sad day... I asked Jared to take pictures and the battery on our camera was dead! Hopefully next time.

That's about it for us! Hope everyone else is doing well! Love to all!!!

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