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Friday, March 11, 2011

Winning the race

Nothing new and exciting is going on. The company Jared works for has had some rearrangement. Not to worry though, his job is secure! YAY!! I don't exactly 100% understand the change, so if you want to know, ask him. hehe... Other then that, he's same ol', ol' wonderful, incredible, amazing, smart, fun-loving, etc. Jared. Yesterday I did my second (out of 3) clinicals at an instacare. LOVE IT!! If it weren't for the long hours, I would totally go for working there. I know I use to work the 12 hour shifts, but I'm a whimp any more for them. Plus,... nothing is in the works... BUT when a baby comes along, there's no way I'm working those hours. Anyway~ that's about it for us, as far as that goes...

I have something else I want to talk a little bit about. The other day I was driving to meet up with a friend for some much needed woman time and yummy cupcakes (thanks again Emily!!! You rock!) when I heard a song that... I've listened to it many times before... but it hit me that night. The song is called "Win the Race". It's sung by Kenneth Cope. Such a good song! Anyway~ I wish I could post a link, the lyrics, or something... but I can't find them. Sad day! The song is about how it's the endurance you have, and your will, that matters the most. It doesn't matter if you're the fastest... just that you make it to the end of the race (meaning life). Hope all this is making sense so far. A couple of things hit me that night. First, school. School has been probably THE biggest challenge in my life. BUT I'm almost there... I'm almost to the "end of the race". And I'll win... I'll get the diploma. It has not been a fast, or easy, road for me... but I've hung in there and soon will "win the race". SCORE!! Second is adoption. Adoption has definitely been a roller coaster, and we haven't even been placed. But I know if we hang in there, stay close to the Lord, and endure to the end... we'll "win the race" there too!! DOUBLE SCORE!! Anyway~ things I knew before, but really struck home that night. Just thought I'd share! Love to all!!

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Anonymous said...

Win the Race by Kenneth Cope can be found on itunes, under efy music. It is a great song. Hang in there with your adoption desires. My daughter just placed her baby for adoption. It is a difficult, but wonderful thing.