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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Swimming in Feb.?

So I decided that I couldn't talk Jared into writing about this... so I am :o) For his scouting activities in Feb. he took his scouts swimming! So fun... Weird time of year to go swimming... I know, especially in UT... but it's all good! We were at Jared's uncle's pool. Uncle Toby has an indoor heated pool. LOVE IT! So fun to go visit and swim. Anyway~ here's some pictures I took while they were doing their activity. Sorry... I know I'm not the greatest photographer. Plus... I probably should have had the flash on. Oppsies! hehe... I think, and hope, you'll still enjoy the pics.

Handsome man Jared... you knew there was bound to be at least one of just him :o)

I think all of the boys are on the raft. Gotta have some fun... not all work, right?

All of them swimming

beautiful looking pineapple that Toby's growing by the pool! So cute and tiny I think

Jared showing the boys one of their requirements... you get fully dressed...

jump in the pool, take the pants off, and use it for a float like Jared is here....

and that's the end of the requirement!

It was so fun going and being a part of it. The boys want to go again! I think they just like the idea of swimming in the winter. ;o) Love to all!!!

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