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Sunday, May 22, 2011


First off, let me start out by thank you all so incredibly much for the love and support!!! You are all awesome. I'm so blessed so have so many family, friends to help through hard times. Here's somewhat of an update... I've been emailing with a teacher of mine. FABULOUS teacher. Has literally been the best teacher I have EVER had. Genuinely cares about each and every one of the students. I can't "sing" enough praises about this teacher. Anyway~ this teacher has been helpful. I will call first thing Monday morning to make an appointment with the division chair over nursing. I will try to appeal the A & A committee's decision. Once again, I'll keep you all updated. And thank you from the bottom of our hearts for EVERYTHING! Love you all!

So now on to the funner, not so mushy stuff! I decided I'd just blog about the baseball game we went to last Monday. Like I mentioned, the kid that we were there to watch is an 11 yr. old in our ward. We're good friends with his parents. This kids was one of my scouts; now he's Jared's. He played great!!! He hit triple play to lead off the third inning. His team ended up winning by one point! We took him to 7-11 to celebrate (yes, be jealous Mel j/k). Kind of a side note, he said this was his first time going to 7-11 and having a slurpee!! He'd had slushies, but not a slurpee. (I know you're dying of shock Mel). Anyway~ it was a blast. We're so honored to have had that privilege of taking him, watching him play. Here are some pictures from the event.

We... okay, I was bored waiting for the game to start. This is what you get when you have a way tired, bored, silly mood Devin
Pre-game warm up

Another pre-game warm up

Of course, the blog post wouldn't be complete without a picture or two of Buddy! I don't know if I've updated on how big he is or not. He's has stopped growing at 40 lbs! I took him to the vet about a week or two ago. He weighed in at 43 lbs... the vet suggested Buddy loose 3 lbs. Which is quite the trick since one of his owners loves to give him treat and I'll give you all a hint, it's not me! He's such a great dog. He's done fabulous with all the kids we've had around the house lately. I don't think he's learned any new tricks. So yeah, that's about it for Buddy. Now for the pic!

Our Mr. Buddy dog aka phluphy (Jared's way of spelling fluffy)

Hope this finds you all well!! Love to all!!!


Heather said...

I prefer an Icee to a Slurpie

caitlyn said...

hey girl,
i am so proud of you! staying strong and positive, and kicking yourself in the rear if you get too down. i'll keep you in my thoughts, and i love you tons!!!!!!!!!

caitlyn said...

hey girly! i love you and i am proud of you! you have such an amazing spirit and attitude! i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! XOXOXOXOXOXXO!

Emily and Dan Adopt said...

You guys are so cute and buddy is GREAT with KIDS!!

Devin you are so awesome and such a great person. i would only think that things would have to work out in your favor!