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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The vedict

Yes, I am late in posting this. We went on a vacation (post on that is coming) so I have not done any blogging. Anyway~ just to refresh memories, last Wed., the 25th, I meet with the nursing division chair. Very nice woman! But pretty much told me I'm SOL (so-outta-luck). She has heard the rumors that students repeat courses several times, but I could not produce any names and she has not found anything in the records (remember, she just came to UT, let alone the school, in Dec. or Jan.). She said that it's a two strikes your out game. Meaning you can fail one class, you repeat the class, stay in the program but if you fail a second class you are dismissed from the program. My first "failure" was Fall of 2009.

Little side note: I put failure in quotations because I got a C both times, but not a C+. I'm sorry, but I don't consider a C failing, but the college does.

She said the reason why it is the two strikes your out policy is because of accreditation issues. She told me the only option I have is to work with my LPN for a year, then reapply to the advanced placement program (LPN to RN program). This would mean I'd have to repeat the WHOLE second year of nursing school. Not just the one class, all 6 classes in the second year of the program! Oh I'd have to retake, and pass, the two modified state board test the school gives too. Yeah, ... I don't see that happening. Not because I can't do it, because I don't want to do it and I think it's ridiculous.

I talked to her about how ridiculous that class, with it's test, are. She said they are looking into making major changes with several of the classes, this class being one of them.

I talked to my amazing teacher about it. We talked about the possibility of me taking it to the dean to appeal. I don't know that I will, but I am still considering. Jared and my amazing mother in law think I should put on boxing gloves again and keep fighting. My incredible mom is neutral, so far as she'll say. I have a feeling she wants me to fight too, but doesn't want to say it since she knows how big of a struggle it's all been.

So we are still exploring options in finishing my degree. We've looked at two options so far. One sticks out, to me. There is an on-line LPN to RN program. This one has seven classes, BUT I can test out of them. The advisor person I talked to thinks I can test out of most of them because of how far I've already gone. The thing we're worried about is accreditation. Gotta look into it.

Anyhow~ that's the low down on recent school update. Thanks again, so incredibly much, for all the love, prayers and support through all this. Love to all!!

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Jeni said...

I agree with the boxing glove plan! All the dean can say is no.... right? Whatever you decide is great though! I love you tons and think you are amazing!