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Monday, May 9, 2011

Crazy couple of weeks

Yes, we are still alive. It's been quite the last couple of weeks~ hence behind in the blogging. Hopefully I can get back on the ball. So here's what we've been up to.

The week of April 24th my amazing mom was in town! I didn't get to see her much (thanks a lot school!) but we did have a date and went to see the Carl Bach Museum. It was amazing!! Loved having the time with my mom too. Don't get much one on one time with her, so I enjoyed every minute of it. Here are some pictures of when my mom was here.

silly niece

beautiful Mom

fun nephew

maybe 1/3 of the Zobrist family

That weekend we also had a blast spending some time with Jared's side of our family. We started off by a graduation celebration! Jared has a cousin who's husband graduated. Jared's uncle, aunt, and cousins all came in. It was so fun to see them!! Later that night Jared's sister and her family came down. Love seeing them! Oh! Jared got a new toy too! I'll see if he'll blog about it.

Aunt, cousin-in-law, uncle

Jared's cousin's family

3 cute, cute babies... if i remember right 3, 5, and 7 months

On to the next week, the week of May 1st. Sunday I dropped Jared off, and he car pooled up to the airport. He spent most of the week in FL at a work conference. I may be able to get him to do a post on it (yes, two blog post from Jared! YAY!). Anyway~ after I dropped off Jared, I picked up my grandma and we went to a baby blessing. One of my cousin's had a baby first part of February. I then went to my ward and chilled out for the rest of the day. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were finals. You all ready know how Monday's went (if not, read here). Tues. and Wed. went great. I passed the classes and life is good, in that sense! I pretty much played all that afternoon. Thursday, I got house keeping stuff done and then the real fun started. Thurs. afternoon, I picked up 7 (a kid in the foster care system that we watched all weekend) from school. We had a blast playing until bedtime. Fri., I took 7 to school, went and picked up 15 and 3 (siblings that are also in the foster care system that we watched all weekend. Sorry, if you can't tell I'm using the numbers in their age. Confidentiality reasons). I took the 2 kiddos and we picked up Jared from the airport!!! I was SSSSOOOO good to see him after that horrid week. Unfortunately Jared was wiped out most of Fri. and Sat. from his trip. He played a little bit with me and the 3 kids. We all went to the park, played games, etc. It was different being the parent figure to 3 kids. I loved every min. of it! Can't wait for a permanent placement. Church was fun juggling them. After church, two took naps and we got to play with the third. We then had the foster parents for 15 and 3 over for dinner! Thanks again for everything Heather!!! We then took 7 home, and got her to bed. Her foster parents are friends of ours too. Sorry, no pictures of this week. I had the camera and thought about it, but, once again, confidentiality rules.

So, to end this blog post... here are some random pics.

"Save me Dad! But let me watch"

Buddy getting so big! Luckily he's stopped growing at 40lbs!

Buddy's favorite sleeping position

Jared playing basketball with his scouts

Anyway~ that is a sum of our last couple of weeks!!! Hope all of yours was great! Love to all!!

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