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Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy belated birthday to my Jared!

I am like the worse wife ever! Or so it feels like. I feel like I didn't do nearly enough for Jared's birthday. It is July 5! He says he had a great day, so that makes me happy. Still wish I could have done more. So here's what we did do to celebrate. That day I went and got his presents.

I had gotten him jeans



and a camera tripod

After presents we dropped Little Man off at our friends house (thanks so much again Heather and Blaine!!!) and we went to dinner at Goodwood BBQ!

So yum!! Made Jared happy too because he had been craving a good steak and that's exactly what he got. If you guys know Jared, you know how critical he can be of food. Yeah, he still talks about how good that steak was.

We then walked around the mall, picked up a couple things at the grocery store, picked up LM, and called it a night.

The next day I FINALLY got around to finishing Jared's birthday cake. He likes German chocolate cake with a coconut type frosting.

It takes like really good caramel to him. Once again, if you know Jared you know how crazy he is about caramel. NOTHING is better then caramel in his opinion. We got the scouts to sing to him...

here's a short video of it. Please ignore my bad singing. I was trying to get the scouts to sing loud.

So, yeah... not to bad, but I was hoping to do better. Maybe next year. Happy birthday again Jared!!! Love to all!!!


Mel said...

i am quite surprised you made him a cake- kudos. but the girl with the dragon tattoos? super sexually graphic book

Tara said...

Sounds fun! Will you please share the cake recipe? It sounds like it's right up Brian's alley!