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Saturday, July 23, 2011

One of three from Jared!!!

Yes, you read that title right! I FINALLY got Jared to write three different blog post. I will be spacing them out though. hehe I love you Jared!!! Enjoy everyone!

Earlier this year I got a new toy. I had lots of money that had to be spent on Amazon (Devin side note: he got a bonus from work) and there was not anything that Devin and I really wanted. So I started to look for crazy things. After searching for a very ling time I found what I wanted and after much pleading and wining to Devin, she let me get it. I am now the proud owner of a Snow Cone machine. For those of you who do not know there are 2 main kinds of snow cone machine’s.

Type 1 shaves off a thin layer of snow from a block of ice and is controlled by a professional who can create a light and fluffy SNOW cone.

Type 2 takes ice and chops it up in to small chunks. For some reason this is called a snow cone but there is no snow about it.

I got Type 1. When I was growing up I worked in a stand and made many snow cones. Here in Utah most of the stands claim to have a Type 1 snow cone but are actually Type 2. This has caused me much grieving because I really love good snow cones. After making many flavors and using water bottles as a pouring device I also convinced Devin to let me buy bottles and pour spouts. I now have a semi professional setup for shaving cones. When I open up my garage and start shaving many of the neighbors come to get some.

I will say that Snow cones are a very social activity. People just come and stay and hang out and talk. sometimes till 11:00 at night. I have had lots of fun with the machine the scouts come over for cones after scouts and I even went to girls camp and shaved cones for the girls there. I love snow cones and it really is fun sharing them with the neighborhood.

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William said...

can't wait to get up there and eat one!!