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Monday, August 29, 2011

Better late then never, right?

A couple of weeks ago we had the previlage of going up north to visit Jared's sister, Jeni, and her amazing family. We had a blast!! They live near a park, 7-11, and most importantly ... a temple!!!! While we were there, we had to celebrate!! Our niece's leopard turned ... I think 4 :o) I also had the privilage of accompanying Jeni and Bart (He's Jeni's hubby) when they sang in sacrament meeting! They have amazing voices, and harmonize beautifully!! Such an honor to play for them. Jared put his creative skills to work and made the kids some plastic boats. There's a ditch for irrigation water right outside the house, so boat races became the cool thing to do! Anyway~ here are some pictures of the fun!! Enjoy! Love to all!!

look at the excitement in this 8 yr. olds face!! CLASSIC!

Yummy desert for Tiger's birthday... yes, Tiger is the leopard's name

close up of one of the cool boats Jared made

and they're off!

Jared with our nephew and niece #2... cooling looking boat nephew is holding, huh?

me accompanying Jeni and Bart (sorry, Jared didn't get very good pictures. Bart, you can blame him for you being cut out)

right outside the temple! Having fun ... think Jared could walk that way? ;o)

the photography skills of... I think niece #1

kid at heart... Love that man!

a game of ... can you find all three kids?

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