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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Heart Attack"

No, no one close to us has had a heart attack recently. At least not that I've been told about. I'm talking about "heart attacking" where someone puts hearts and cute stuff all over someone's yard, room, whatever. The other week, the young women in our ward decide to "heart attack" me! To say the least, I was honored! They were so sweet to think of me. They left really nice messages on the hearts too. It was fun. What was fun too is, the night they decided to do it, we had the 3 kids I mentioned earlier (6 yr. old JR, 3 yr. old HM, and 9 month old LP). As the young women were doing it, I guess JR and HM kept opening the front door, looking at them. Jared kept telling them to close the door. :o) Later that night, we had put the kids to bed. All the sudden we hear JR coming down the stairs, yelling to look outside! I guess he didn't realize what they were doing. He was so excited. The next morning, I talked JR into racing me to see who could clean up the most hearts. Needless to say, he won ;o) Here are some pictures of the young women's art work.

Hope this finds all well!! Know you're all loved!!!

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Emily and Dan Adopt said...

Devin I miss you and we need to hang out! love the hearts you deserve it!! Everyone loves you!!