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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three of three from Jared

Okay, so here's the last one that Jared has written up. He has said he'll write one about scout camp too. We'll see how it all goes. Anyway~ this one is by far the funniest, I think. At least it was funny to watch him while this was all going on. Love to all!!

I really hate Cell Phones. I do not want to give the impression that phones are not useful but they are of minimal use to me. Cell phones created the second worst form of communication text messaging. It took twitter to make texting worse. Many people keep telling me to text them things like home teaching numbers. I can tell you something texting with me is a one way communication unless you are on my list.

Jared’s Texting List
Devin Payne

Did you see your name on the list I do no think so. I have recently had people want me to text them my home teaching numbers and other nonsense. Like most people I have had several cell phones. My first one I hated because it was to big and clunky. The keyboard that made texting easier caused the phone to be to cumbersome to carry. I got a small light bar phone but Devin made me get rid of it because I kept buying ring tones with my back side and calling people all the time. I hate flip phones but I obviously can not have a bar phone. I did not want a new flip phone so I got Devin’s old phone. It is a purple flip phone need I say more.

This phone is the worst phone I have ever owned I accidentally push buttons while the phone is in my pocket multiple times a day, and it starts talking to me. Recently it developed a new feature- 1 way communication. I could talk and you could hear me but I could not hear the person talking. At the time I was telling Devin about my new feature on instant messenger, the 3rd worst form of communication, and she called me to see if my phone really acquired the new feature. I was on the phone singing about how cute Devin is and what a wonderful wife she is. Only to find out that Devin was not the person I was talking to on the phone. It was my Mom. I was excited about not having to listen to anyone on my phone again when Devin informed me I needed to get another phone. I used another of Devin’s old flip phones again and when I got home I got to do the following to the broken phone.

The sweet revenge for ruining my life.

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William said...

I couldn't resist it - I just had to send you a text - haha!