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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cool way to inform- edited

EDITED! Please look at the note at the bottom

I was messing around on youtube and found this video. A grandma made it about her granddaughter that has turner syndrome. I thought this would be a fun way to get the facts about turners out there. Fun way for you guys to learn about why we can't have biological kids. I won't be offended at all if you don't want to watch it. I quite enjoyed it though. Jared thought it was long. If you'd like, you be the judge.

So~ it was brought to attention that I should probably clarify something about this video. All the information is correct~ as far as I know. What needs to be clarified and talked about is how severe my turners is. In just a couple words- it's NOT! :0) I am a little on the short side (side note: I'm actually tall for a woman with turners though. Most women with turners are about I believe 4'10"... I'm 5'1"). I do have a low hair line and my nails curve up if I let them grow out. I do have thyroid problems. That's an ongoing debate between Jared and I because- he thinks it's from the turners. I think it's from my family genetics. Here's my reasoning- I wasn't diagnosed with hypothyroidism until I was 19 almost 20. Reality is it could be a combo of genetics and turners. Anyway~ my MD does have me get an echo (an ultrasound of your heart) about every 5 years. I am on hormone replacement medication. That's about it though. I do not have diabetes, any heart problems, anything like that. I live a totally normal life-- other than I can't biologically create kids.

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wordfromthezoo said...

Hey there Devin! It was a beautiful little video! You guys are awesome and are going to be amazing parents! I am praying for you that you'll be able to adopt soon!!! Zack misses you!