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Sunday, November 7, 2010


So... I guess only one of you know someone who could use this great photo shoot give away. WELL! Guess what? I happen to know several. So here's what I'm going to do... I will have four nominees (one of which was nominated by an outside source! not telling which couple ;0) thank you to the person who nominated them- you know who you are!) So read the 4 following paragraphs telling about them... and vote! The voting poll is on the side, at the top. I will have it open until Tues. at midnight. I'll announce the winner on Wed. PLEASE, PLEASE VOTE!! This is an awesome opportunity to help a family get FREE photos! The 4 nominees are:

Autumn and Nate

Anybody who knows Nate and Autumn knows how amazing this couple is. They work hard to serve all those around them, putting their need before their own. They are excellent parents to their two kids. The whole family is very intelligent and giving.

Jeni and Bart

They are an incredible family of 5! Bart and Jeni are one of the most service oriented people around. They do everything in their power to live by the Spirit and do what is right. They are definitely great examples to all around them.

Mollie and Elliot

What a fabulous couple this is! They were just blessed with twins after some fertility struggles. They are so fun, outgoing, and love to have fun. You can't help but smile and absolutely love this sweet couple.

Wendy and Shane

What isn't good to say about this cute couple? Whenever they're around you can just tell the love they have for each other and others around them. They have definitely had their struggles, but have always maintained a positive attitude. It is wonderful what Shane and Wendy are accomplishing with their family.

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