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Sunday, June 12, 2011

AZ and NV trip

Here it finally is! Our post on our last vacation!!

We had a blast on our recent vacation!! It was much, much needed after dealing with all the school stuff we have been. While we were gone I told myself that I would NOT really think about school, make any decisions while there, and just enjoy my side of our family. And that's just how it happened. So! Wed. after meeting with the nursing division chair, I finished last min. things, picked Jared from work, we picked up lunch, and on the road to Vegas we went. Let me take a min. here to apologize to any Vegas people that may have wanted to see us. I didn't tell anyone we were in town. I just wanted to be able to go, relax, and not try to juggle a schedule. Anyway~ so we got to Vegas and just hung out that night. Played a game of Skip-Bo with my sis. and mom, but nothing too exciting.

Early Thur. morning we got on the road to my sis. who lives in AZ. We had a BLAST! We ran errands that day, took a nap, and then... Anna had to work, and her hubby was already at his work, so she asked us to baby-sit for a bit. No prob! We just played with the boys. They love Jared!! They think he's a jungle gym hehe... Well, our bro.-in-law ended up being late from work because of car troubles! No fun. But not huge deal, right? That night, we're going to bed... Jared and I were sleeping out on their couch pull out bed that ended up being really uncomfortable so we took the blankets, pillows, and went to my sis's craft room on the floor. No biggie. Buddy was sleeping up by our heads, okay? Well, about 4-4:30 am Buddy kind of walks on Jared and shakes! Jared's first thought was"Dude! You never slobber, what's up?? Wait! That's too much to be slobber, are you really that hot?" So Jared gets up, feels Buddy's blanket and the thing is like as heavy as Buddy is! Jared's third thought was pee. But that's way to much to be pee. So Jared gets up to put Buddy outside, I wake up to everything, and see that the whole floor by the wall, where Buddy was is sopping wet! I first thought it was the washer/dryer.. but Jared pointed out that it was the wrong area. So I go into the garage (near the room where we were) to see the water heater had broke! So Jared turned off the water and gas while I woke up my sis. and bro.-in-law. Turns out Anna just wanted to give Jared a shower :o) OH! and in the process of turning the heater off, poor Jared burned his arm.

So Fri. was spent working on that. We did go swimming at my sister's in-law's. SO FUN! Poor Jared kept getting jumped on. He loved it though. Buddy got his first expirence of swimming. He wasn't to fond. He thought playing with the other dogs was more fun. Well, it was more like Clyde tried to get Buddy, Buddy tried to get Elmer, and Elmer just hid and didn't want anything to do with either one. Bonnie just kept a close eye on Jared to make sure he wasn't going to hurt "her boys". Yes, 4 dogs were there. Anyway~ we had lunch, naps, and then got ready for a bbq that night! We had my family that lives in that area over. SO FUN!! I really enjoyed catching up with them.

Sat. I woke up with... let's just leave it at stomach problems. The Mon. before my dr. started me on a strong ibuprofen for tendinitis.... Yeah, ended up the med didn't agree with me. I wasn't going to let anything stop my having fun though, if I could help it. We went to a place called Fun Factory. They have the bouncy, blow-up slides, castles... whatever. The kids loved it!! So fun! We were there for like an hour and 45 mins. and the boys were both crying for more. We got lunch, Jared took a little rest while Anna and I worked on some trek stuff (Thanks again Ann!), then Jared and I were off to Vegas again. We stopped to see one of my cousins on the way out of town. She's so cute! Here are the pictures from AZ!

This was a common playing position for Jared... these boys love their uncle and that dog loves her boys

Buddy's first swim

The pool was too cold for my liking, so to the hot tub I went!

We thought this was too cute!

Sun., I still wasn't doing the greatest and Jared wasn't was feelin' super great. He slept all night, woke up for breakfast, slept all morning, then I woke him up for church. We went to sacrament, then headed by to my parents for more naps. Jared slept until like 5! LOTS of sleep. We had dinner, played, and had a good time. Oh! My bro. and his family, who live near me, were in Vegas too. So we just all had fun visiting.

Mon. we went swimming at my grandparents. I totally had mixed feelings. It was fun to be there and see the place. But it was so empty, full of memories, and made me sad to think that's probably the last time I will ever be there. I'm glad I went though. After swimming, we had lunch, then my bro. and his family got on the road. My mom and I went to JoAnn's to get some stuff for the trek. BUSY!! Remind me to never go there on a holiday again. lol After, we meet up with Jared and Jared and I got on the road to come home. Here are pics from NV:

Our niece with my dad's new puppy, Duke

Swimming at the grandparents!

My younger sis. with two of our nephews and our niece

My sis. took this awesome pic. of us... I just wish I didn't have one eye shut! lol It was way to bright

SUCH a great trip... despite all the things that happened in AZ! We decided that we were bad luck and my sis. got us sick so that we'd never go see her again. hehe Totally just playing. Anyway~ that was our trip. Hope your summer is off to as a great of start as ours is!! Love to all!!

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