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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pictures I forgot

I found more pictures from our AZ/ NV trip. There's also a picture of the birthday cake we had for the foster child we watched last week and a video of Buddy. I thought the video was cute, but some of you might not think so. lol

The cake... yes, the candles are in the shape of the number 2.

Let me kind of preface this video with... Buddy has a purple blanket that we gave him on day one. The dog seriously has attachment issues with this blanket! Whenever someone else touches it he goes crazy. In the video I accidentally stepped on the blanket. Now enjoy! lol

This is one of the many pictures you get when you give a 4 year old your camera

Jared and our nephew

My beautiful sister and her son... one of thenm

My sister, my Aunt, and me

Jared and my sis. "tearing up the rug"... ``

I put more pictures then this on our picasa and facebook. Love to all!!!

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