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Sunday, June 12, 2011

This last week

We had the privilege of doing respite (aka baby-sitting for a days at a time kiddos in the foster care system) this last week. We got 13 and 2 (remember I use the number in their age instead of names.) last Sun. evening and their foster mom picked them up Fri. after lunch. I think that's the longest we've had kids so far. It was a blast! Anyway~ I'll kind of do a run down of the week.

Mon- We mainly spent the day playing, napping, etc. Nothing exciting that I remember.

Tues- We meet up with some adoption friends for lunch!!! SO MUCH FUN!!! Loved seeing all those ladies. Wish we could have talked more. That evening we celebrated 2's birthday!!! Too young to realize what was going on, but we still had fun. We had some friends over, had pizza, cake, and presents. Let me tell you, it was weird trying to decide what to do for a kid's birthday party! Here are some pictures of the party.

Jared trying to get 2 to do something silly/crazy

the results of the silly/crazy act lol

sorry, I would post more pics. but the rest have the kiddos in them. Can't put pics. of kids in the foster care system on-line.

Wed- Wed. was a bit of a rough day because I had a 24 hour bug or something... but it turned out fine. Oh! Side note: I definitely agree, Mom's should NOT be allowed to get sick. The kiddos had a visit with their mom. Which they loved! Luckily Jared came to the visit too because I could not have handled everything with being sick... I'll spare the details and leave it at that. So after the visit, we quickly got us all dinner and rushed off to church activities. This is a normal occurrence for Jared. I had to go because we were certifying the young women for girls camp. They asked me and another medical leader to teach on the medical part. Jared took one of the kids, I took the other. I left with the kids as soon as my part was done. Between still not feeling good and it was bedtime... we left. OH! That night too, some friends of ours dropped off their dog for us to watch while they're gone. This dog is a cockapoo too! In fact, this is the dog that lead me to look at the breed. So funny to me the similarities and differences, both physical and personality. Check out some pics. I got of them

Jared rubbing the tummy of both dogs. Buddy is on your left (Jared's right in the pic) and our friend's dog is on your right (Jared's left in the pic)

My BIG Buddy-boy! at 40 pounds

Our friend's little princess at 7 pounnds

Thurs- 2 woke up about 5:15 with maybe the same thing I had. Luckily I woke up feeling better and 2 didn't act sick at all! But after changing diaper, sheets, pjs... it was time to be up, according to 2. My amazing husband got up with 2 while I went back to sleep for a while. The kids had another visit with their mom. When Jared got home and we had dinner, we went to go see my grandparents! I love watching my grandparents interact with the kids.

Fri- We had a playdate in the morning with a friend. Then the kiddos foster momma came to pick them up. I spent the rest of the day cleaning up and getting back on track.

Sat- We had some friends and my grandparents over for lunch. It was a blast just all visiting. I should've busted out the camera. Sorry :o(

Anyway~ that's a run down of our week. Hope yours was just as fun... but not filled with the sickness. Love to all!

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