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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our crazy, but fun, weekend

So I actually started this a couple of days ago and just now got to finish it. Such is the life of a new mom, right? To be honest, I think it was more of having family here and last min. prep for the trek. Family is now all back, safely in their homes and Jared is on the trek. I'm thinking it's finally time to breath!!

What a crazy week it has been!! I wouldn't change it for anything. I'll try going chronologically. Wed., Thur., and Fri. family came into town. My aunt, uncle, and cousin stayed with us. So fun having them!! Not much happened during those days, except a lot of visiting! LOVED it. After spending so much time preparing for trek and Little Man, I needed a break.

Friday was a big day for us!! Neither Jared or I slept well Thurs. night. Jared woke up early to get some work in, I made last min. preparations, and at 0830 am we left for the hospital! The doctors started their rounds at 0900. When all is said and done it was 1:30 pm when we actually left the hospital.

We came home, Jared made a sandwich and went back to work. I got food, took a few mins. to breath, and then I had to take Little Man to his pediatrician appointment. The dr. was very impressed with how well Little Man looks. After the appointment, got to relax for a bit, then my mom came over to meet LM. She left and about 5-10 mins. later my cousins started to arrive. We had a ... cousin BBQ for a lack of better explanation. My grandparents, their 5 kids, and the spouses went out to dinner. All the cousins had the option of coming here. Anyway~ we had a blast with visiting and eating with the cousins that were able to make it. I don't remember time, but the other adults left to see a slide show while Jared and I stayed home with the 7 kids. We played, then put on a movie, and ate popcorn. I think it was just after 10 pm when everyone left. We finally got to go to bed!

Sat. I went to a park where we had a family picnic and pictures taken. I'll post the pictures when I can. Anyway~ I went and had fun while Jared stayed home with LM. When I got home we cleaned up a bit, then LM's case worker showed up. She was just checking up, making sure we're going okay. Um... I can't remember but I think the rest of the day was hanging out, lovin' on LM. We did work more on trek stuff. I have to tell this awesome story! So that night (Sat. night) we had my mom, niece, and two nephews over. Mom, being the awesome women she is, bought each of the kids a toy. Niece got a bath-time baby doll and Nephew 2 got a toy dog that you can feed. When they were getting ready to leave Niece said," OH! I got to get my foster baby!!" Nephew 2 said, "Oh, I need to get my foster dog"! Just totally and utterly melted my heart. Proud moment for sure.

Sunday was pretty uneventful. Since we're not allowed to bring LM to public places yet, Jared went to a 0900 church, and I went to our normal church. Nothing to exciting.

Yesterday, LM had his first visit with his mom. It went well, from what I heard. The state supervises the visit, and I go run errands. After I actually went shopping with his mom. We had a blast! Or at least I did. She's got things to work out in her life, but she definitely has the determination to get custody back. She's really nice though. After, ... my mom was watching LM... I went to get LM, hung out with my family, then went to Jared's work to show off LM. When I got home, I just needed to rest. I didn't get a chance to nap, but I returned phone calls, and chilled. We went to go intro. LM to my grandparents. They just adore him!! So fun to just watch him swoon over him.

Yeah, so that's been our last few days. LOVE IT!! Things should hopefully calm down now.

Now, for the reason all of you are reading our blog lately... LM! :o) He's doing amazing! He's the perfect baby, in my eyes. He eats every 3-4 hours. Meaning, he only wakes up twice in the night. Not to bad if you ask me. He's doing his potty business good. Hardly ever cries! He's just amazing. I don't know if I've publicly announced this or not, but LM will most likely go to a kinship placement. Meaning, he will go to a family member and stay with them until his mom can get custody again. We will most likely have him for about a month. Sad days, I know. Such is the life of foster care though. We'll keep you all posted. Thanks so much for all the love , support, and prayers. Love to all!!!


Emily@Little Forever Family said...

Congrats you guys! I know he may not be with you lonf, but what a special guy to get to have the two of you as his temporary parents!

Shan said...

You'll have to let me know how letting him leave goes. That is the part that makes it the hardest to decide to do Foster Care for me.