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Sunday, November 6, 2011

God's mysterious ways

I know, I should been taking on the blogging everyday challenge to help raise awareness to adoption and help get rid of all the myths out there. I'll be honest though, I'm too busy to worry about blogging every day! I'm momma to a 6 week old right now, I'm a wife, a friend, and this last week I've had family in town. So I will try to focus my postings on adoption, but who knows when they'll come.

There is something that I want to talk about right now though, adoption related. I'm not going to go into detail for the privacy of the people involved, but a couple of adoption related events have happened in the last 24 hours (not involving me, but involving people real close to me) that really got me thinking. God does really know each one of us and our situations! He has His timing too. This is true no matter what the situation. Like I said, the events that have happened are adoption related so it was reaffirmed to me when it comes to adoption! The tender mercies He has towards the adoptee, the adoptive family, and more especially toward the birth family are just incredible! We just need to put our trust in Him (which includes His timing) and things will work out so much more ... wonderful, for the lack of a better word, then we could even imagine! It won't always be the way we pictured either, which kind of makes it fun sometimes. :o) I know this is all easier said then done... trust me, I KNOW! But it's possible!

I hope this makes sense. I hope I was able to convey what I am feeling too. Anyway~ have a happy Sunday!! Love to all!