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Monday, November 7, 2011

questions answered

so I will answer everyone's questions here... keep checking this posts to see you're questions answered. Here's the first set of questions I got:

Will dec 12 be the final decision? If the parents don't clean up themselves then baby t stays with you guys? If they do then baby t goes with the parents? How is that going to work?

Dec. 12 will not be the final decision. From what I understand, at that hearing it will be determined if there's enough evidence and reason to bring "Thor"'s case to a trial. If it goes to trial, THEN it will be determined to terminate the parents right or not. Yes, if the parents DO NOT clean up we will get to adopt "Thor". If the parents DO clean up, then he will go back to them. The judge will look at how the parents do over the next 5 weeks. If the parents are showing improvement, we'll keep going. If they do not show improvement, then we'll go towards termination of rights.

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