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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nothing much

Hey everyone! Just wanted to write a quick post letting you know we're still alive, doing fabulously!

Jared has been absolutely swamped at work the last few days. He's been working long hours and still manages to be the best husband and dad EVER! Tonight we'll be going to a court of honor for his scouts. He's getting those boys advancing pretty good. So fun to see him interact with him, and watching these boys mature.

I'm still lovin' the stay at home mom thing. Some days are absolutely long and I do question my sanity, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

"Thor" is growing each new day! Since being off his med, he has now starting being more alert, focusing on things more, SMILING!, and every now and then gives us a "coo". It's so fun to watch him develop. We go to the doctor tomorrow, so on our next update I'll post how much he weighs and all that good stuff.

Buddy is still an awesome, pretty obedient dog. He's showing more interest, and loyalty, to "Thor". It's cute to watch.

That's about it for us! Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing, amazing Sunday. Love to all!!!

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