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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cub scouts... again

Haha, tricked you! :o) No, I have not been called to cub scouts again. Although, last night we had the privilege of going to their pack meeting. We had a two fold mission there. The first one was a favor for the cub master. Little background~ when Jared filled in as cub master for a bit, he would paint the boys faces when they would earn a rank advancement. Well, I guess one of the boys who recently earned it asked to have the face painting done. Our current cub master doesn't do that type of thing, so he asked Jared to fill it. Jared was more then happy to!! Pictures were taken by my awesome older sister, Shannon. Thanks again for coming Babe!

This is Jared doing the advancement ceremony

Our second mission there was, I got presented with an award. It's called "On My Honor". I was very shocked, but honored to get it. One of my good friends, who was working along side me the whole time I was in there, was given this award too.

Shannon playing with my camera before the meeting started

The award being presented by the second counselor in our bishopric

That's it for us now! Hope everyone is having a happy day! Love to all!!

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cool bub congrats