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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why hello!

How are all of you?!? We're doing fabulously! Like always, busy, but I honestly don't know that I would have it any other way. Life is great! Word of warning~ I picked funny pics of us because I feel like in reality they do describe us better lol

Jared is still busy, busy at work. I know he loves it though. Scouts has been keeping him on his toes too. I have to tell you all~ let's preface this by making sure everyone is aware that Jared is a pretty big TCU fan. I think it's his Texas pride (TCU is the college closest to where he grew up). Jared claims it's because he likes to get on all the BYU fan's nerves. Either way, Jared NEVER misses when TCU plays BYU in football. This year was no acception, even though he was on a camp out with his scouts! :o) He made it to that they could get the game up in the mountains or wherever they were. I guess everyone sat in our van, eating hot dogs, and watched the game. Some camp out, huh? :o)

I've just being doing the mom, friend, wifey thing. Nothing exciting going on with me personally. I am so excited though!! Tonight I will have the honor of going on a girls night out with a bunch of fellow foster moms!! I so can't wait until 5:15 when I pull out of my driveway! :o) Don't get me wrong I love all three of my males (Jared, "Thor", and Buddy). I will so enjoy the woman time though.

No, that baby is not actually "Thor". Remember I can't post any pics of him unless/until we finalize adoption."Thor" is still doing his baby, growing thing. He is now completely off one med!! Now he just takes a vitamin once a day. He has recently started smiling a bit more on command, following us with his eyes, and definitely letting us know what he wants. So fun watching him learn and grow. Tummy time is still a tragedy here but "Thor"'s getting strong. I so wish I could post pictures of him! Oh well!

I think that's about it for all of us! Hope this finds you all well. Love to all!!!

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Tyler and Jess said...

Love the funny pics! Your so cute Devin! Glad all is well.