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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lesson #2

If anyone needs a reminder of what I'm doing, read here before going on.

So, going on to lesson number 2...

When I started nursing school, I had an image of what it would be like, how things would play out, and other similar things. I'd say things totally changed for me after the first semester... probably even after the first week! lol I learned that although I may have something in mind, doesn't mean He has the same thing in mind. This, I have always known, but it's become more of a reality. I have had to learn to do what I can to change my will, my thinking, to what His will is.

I got this lesson a little bit first semester, but it didn't hit HARD until after a year of being in nursing school. This is when I really wanted to drop out. I failed med/surg 1 by 0.04%! Barely missing it! This meant I'd have to retake the class, putting graduation back (my original graduation date was Dec. 2010), and would no longer be part of the hospital program/cohort. I was seriously going to die. After the initial shock, tears, and heartbreak... I got my wonderful hubby to give me a priesthood blessing, I did lots of praying and searching...

I was able to see all the many, many, many x infinity blessings that came from retaking the class and being out of the hospital program. I'll share two of them with ya real quick

1) Taking the class again has helped SO much. I was able to understand the material even better, making all the rest of the nursing school much easier.

2) Being out of the program allowed me to quit working. I admit, at first I was hard headed and refused to quit! It took me like 6 months to admit that I needed to stop working. I hated the thought of being without a job, not having that outlet, and not having that interaction with patients! Let me tell you, once I quit and focused on school, I loved life again.

So~ to sum up... I've learn to change my will to His will. Not the easiest thing to do, but if you do... life is so much better than you can EVER imagine!!

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