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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lesson #3

No, I didn't forget to post yesterday. I was just way too busy. Jared was awesome!!, stayed home, and helped me study and get together a game plan. He also got me lots and lots of chocolate the other night. :oD Anyway~ this is just going to be a short one so I can get on to the studying.

yes, the IV bag says genuine chocolate :o)

There is a time and season for everything! It's best to not get ahead, or behind, what season Heavenly Father has planned for you. When I first graduated high school, I thought I could be in and out of college in 5 yrs. tops. Yeah, it'll be 8 yrs. in June since I graduated high school. Having gone through nursing school now, I know I COULD NOT have done it so fresh out of high school, and without Jared! Some one pushing me to succeed and to take care of stuff (like dinner, finances, etc) while I studied.

Sorry. Can't. Body Systems 2 Oval Ornament

This lesson also goes with being a mom. As much as I long to be a mom, I know Heavenly Father will bless us with a child when it's HIS time, not mine.

2 WEEKS... hopefully

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Kathleen said...

2 weeks? Does this mean you've been chosen?!