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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Um... Hi!

Hi!! So here's an update on our little family:

Jared's doing great. He, fortunately and unfortunately, had his scouts not show up to a camp out that was planned. So he got to stay home with me :o) I feel horrible they didn't show up. Such is life though, I guess. He's been busy with a lot of odds and ends stuff at work. Other than that... the last couple of days he's been playing handy man. One of the main drains in our house is clogged... unfortunately it ran onto the carpet too. Not to bad, but yeah... no fun. We ran a snake tool thing down it like 3 times, which helped a bit. Gotta call a plumber in tomorrow though.

I've been busy studying my little rear off for my finals... okay, just my high acuity final. I'll take that test a week from tomorrow (May 2).

Um... today I had the opportunity to accompany 3 friends while they sang in sacrament. We had another friend on the violin! I think they did awesome... piano player was alright. So fun to just play and bare testimony through music!! YAY for the gospel, good music, talents, and many other great gifts we have.

We got to see my mom today too! :o) She's in town for the week. So excited... I'll get pics if she lets me. Other then my mom being in town, we'll also be honored to have Jared's paternal grandparents this next week. As well as being able to see Jared's older sister and her family! Going to be a fabulous week! I'm so excited. If only stinky finals weren't next week. Grr... oh well. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!

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