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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mullets and Mohawks

The last time I got my hair cut was early September. So my hair has grown a little since then. Devin has been trying to get me to cut my hair for a long time. For some unknown reason I do not like being told I need to cut my hair. I believe I am about as grown up as I want to get and I can decide how my hair looks. I now this is not really true but that is what I want to believe. As a result I had a mop on my head.
For months I told Devin I would get a hair cut if she would give me a Mohawk. Devin feels that this type of hair cut does not reflect well on me and would have nothing to do with my desire to get my hair chopped. Wednesday morning I got up and pulled out the clippers and gave my self the most awesome hair cut in the world.

It is not just a Mohawk it is a Mohawk Mullet. That is right an M&M. Devin took the before picture but would not take any other pictures. I had been talking about my desired haircut for a while and Devin's Grandparents wanted to see my awesome due. So during lunch I went to see them. They loved it.

I invited Devin to come along but she refused stating that she did not want to be seen with me in public. The whole day was filled with similar statements. After I came home from work Devin said we should go to the store for something. I asked if she really wanted to go with me and she said no and changed her plans. Every time something like this happened I laughed. I thought my wife was not prideful but I guess she feels she was to good to hang out with me. (You should read that last statement with large sums of sarcasm) The reason I wanted to do this hair cut on a Wednesday is because that is scout night. I wanted to let my boys lop off my hair so the boys took of the mop.
Now I have a much shorter haircut.


Jeni said...

Aaaah! Much better!! If you remember, I reacted in a similar way when Bart made his hair in to a mohawk! I was accused of being a "bad sport" but now I feel a bit more justified since I am in good company with Devin! :)

Steven said...

Great haircut and even better narrative.