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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Couple of randomness things

You all will be happy to know... this post has pictures!! :o) Sorry... just seems like lately all our pictures have been of "Thor". We can't publish those unless, until adoption happens. No, we do not know if it will go there yet. Hopefully we will know a little more Nov. 07 when we go to court again. Anyway~ I'll do a quick update on all three of us then on to the pics.

Jared and I are same ol', same ol'. Jared's been busy at work, dealing with scouts. He's amazing! All he does for us, his family, our church, etc. He's definitely Mr. Incredible. I can't think of a single new thing with me.

"Thor" is still ... as Jared says, scrappy. He's growing great though. He definitely doesn't like one of the medications we have to get him. Hopefully, if all goes well, he'll be off of it in like 3 1/2 weeks. "Thor" has been irritable since starting the weaning, you can tell he doesn't feel good. But hopefully as he gets use to the lesser amount, he'll do better. "Thor" very much needs to be swaddled tight and have the pacifier to fall asleep. That is, unless he's been held and tired enough. He is waking up... pretty much just once in the night now. Can I just tell you how much the momma loves that! I am definitely spoiled. That's about it for him.

So... here's a few random pictures I found:

This first one my amazing friend Ashley took.

Personally, I LOVE it! The words describe adoption perfectly!
These next ones are from Women's conference. My good friend Wendy had tickets. She invited her friend Scarlett and I to go with her. So we made a girls night out of it!

These next few are of Buddy and his blanket. I don't know why, but Buddy has an unusual obsession with his blanket. He goes CRAZY! if someone takes it from him. At night... he doesn't always have to cuddle with it, but when he does, you better believe Buddy's on it all night. I'll warn you, these pics. don't do the obsession justice. We'll have to get a video some time.

That's all I have for you folks!! Hope you're having a fabulous day! Love to all!!!

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Dan and Emily said...

Devin! I love love love the picture that Ashley took she's amazing!