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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not much happening

Well HI! How are all of ya?!? We're doing fabulously!! All three of us. Nothing too new going on. Jared and I are the same old boring people :o) We're speeding a lot more time at the hospital now a days. Hopefully that'll change this weekend! "Thor" is now a level 11 (out of 13). So if all goes well he may be home Sunday, Monday- ish. So stinkin' excited. Can't wait to get that little angel home. He's such a trooper through all of this. As far as legal matters, um... we did have court today but nothing really happened though. We go to court again Nov. 07. I just thought I'd write a quick post, say hi. Let you all know we are still alive. There's just nothing exciting going on. Which is honestly okay, but once "Thor" does get home, things will get exciting. At least for me. :oD Anyway~ hope all is well with all of you. Love to all!

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