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Monday, October 31, 2011

Back? So Soon?

YAY! Aren't you proud that it hasn't been that long since my last post and I'm already posting again?? I know it may not seem like a big deal to most of you, but I am a big blogger, usually. Hope to get into it more regularly again.

Nothing really new is going on. "Thor" is adjusting to the new dose now, just in time for me to take it down again today. We'll see how it goes. Prayers please! Oh!! We did have the families of "Thor"'s siblings over. Sounds funny huh? "Thor" has 2 1/2 sisters that were adopted by one family. He has a full blooded brother that was adopted by a second family. We hope to be able to let the 4 kiddos grow up knowing each other, and having at least somewhat of a bond.

So~ Nov. is national adoption month!! WAHOO! Yay adoption! So I just wanted to quickly put it out there that anyone who wants to do a guest post about adoption, I would absolutely LOVE it!! No pressure, but if you'd like I'd be more than happy to post it. This is assuming you write nice things about adoption. I know adoption isn't always looked at as a positive thing, people don't have a great expirence with it for one reason or another. But here.... we're total adoption advocates, so as Thumper's father said, "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all".

Love to all!!

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