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Thursday, October 6, 2011

One of these days

Maybe one of these days I'll add pictures again. :o) I'll try not to make these postings too boring.

Jared is still wonderful, amazing, etc. He's working hard at work and scouts. The last few days he's been sick (stomach flu or something like that) but he's on the mends YAY! Don't know that much as changed with him.

I am still staying busy keeping up the housework, now helping take care of "Thor", and all that good stuff. This last week I got asked to do something I'm way nervous about. Little side note to explain... with the scouting (boy and cub), once a month they have a training at a region (i think) level. Everyone involved meets together for like 20 mins. for announcements and all that good stuff... then the people get separated into a group, depending on what their position is. So den leaders go to one, committee chair and members go to one, cub master, etc. Hope that all makes sense. Anyway~ this last week I was asked to do the training for the den leaders! WHAT THE CRAZY?!? I have not done den leader in a long time. Plus, any of you that know me, know that I stink at training, public speaking. Oh well. It'll all work out right?

"Thor".... sweet, little "Thor". He's staying strong. The hospital has him on a 1-13 scale. 1 being he's really struggling, it'll be a while. When he's level 13 for 48 hours he gets to come home. Right now, he's about a level 6. So he's about half way there. We're looking at about a week- week and a half until we get to bring him home. As of yesterday they increased the calorie amount in his formula. Apparently he's not gaining as much, as fast as they'd like him to.

Think that's about it for us! Hope this finds all of you well. Love to all!!

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Mel said...

so proud of thor- a 6 is hard bizness. cant wait to meet him- whats up with him and landon not getting fat for us??