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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter April 13, 2009

A week ago I decided to pry and try and find out one of Devin's deepest secrets. The secret of how drier gremlins steal socks and how Devin keeps these gremlins in check with her socks. The gremlins have always stolen my socks until I married Devin so I know that they exist. I needed a way for convince Devin that the gremlins had stolen a sock. That would give me the opportunity to follow Devin through her magic portal to the gremlin's world. About a week ago I saw an opportunity to crack open this secret. One of Devin's socks had a hole in it, so Devin threw a pair of socks away. You may not think this is interesting but it gave me an idea. I could pull the sock without a hole in it out of the garbage can and place it in the laundry for the next week. I knew that when Devin saw the unmatched sock she would think that the Gremlins stole the other sock. This Tuesday Devin and I were folding laundry I waited for her to notice the mismatched sock. Devin tried diligently to find the missing sock but I was looking for an opportunity to go through the magic portal. Devin unfolded all her socks looking for the missing one. She also went through all the laundry looking for the missing sock. At this point I thought about what would happen when we transported to see the gremlins. I thought how mad Devin would be for breaking the treaty. I knew that Devin would bash in some gremlin heads and I figured that the innocent gremlins should not be harmed just to appease my curiosity. I ended up caving and telling Devin what I had done. I wish Devin would tell me about the gremlins but I can not be as mean to those small creatures.

As a side note we had an exciting thing happen this week my brother Tyler had a baby. Well it was his wife Jessica who had the baby but you knew what I mean. Rachel Lynn Payne was born on Tuesday this week. She was 7lb 14oz. I do not know how tall she is. I always wonder why they measure how tall babies are. It is not like you are going to put them on a roller coaster. She is a beautiful baby who allows the doctors to work on her without crying. Congratulations Tyler and Jessica! We are excited for you.

This weekend was quite a bit of fun. Sunday my sister Jeni and brother in law Bart blessed their baby girl Chelsea. Since it was easter there was lots of family at Jeni's place. Bart's Mom, Dad, brother, grandparents, cousin. You get the idea of who was there for the blessing. On Jeni's side of the family there was me, Devin, Jason, Michelle plus our uncle Ed and a bunch of his family. It really was fun to have everyone around and catch up on what is going on in everyone's life. For example I had not seen my cousin Penny for about 5 years. Jeni and Bart really put on a great easter party and we had a good time with the family around. The letter is already late getting out so I wish you the best for the week and hope that you have more fun than a duck at a cracker factory.

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