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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter August 31, 2008

Devin and I got to have lots of fun this week. Tuesday we went to the airport and picked up Grandma and Papa Payne. They came into town to attend my cousin Maria's wedding. We dropped them off at Andrea's, Maria's sister, house. I was very grateful for the opportunity to go to the airport and see them. It may also have had something to do with missing a long, useless, boring meeting at work but I will mark it up to seeing my Grandparents. Later that evening we went to pack meeting. They had a fire and many of Devin's scouts got awards. It was a cool pack meeting because the scouts did a retire the flag ceremony and I had never seen one before. After the pack meeting we headed back to Andrea's house for some hang out time with the family. We had lots of fun talking to many people I have not seen most of Maria's family since my brother Josh got married 4-5 years ago. Sorry Josh I do not know how long you and Jill have been married. You would not believe how much someone grows up in that time. My cousins Michael and Sarah went from being little punks to semi functioning adults. On our way home from the event I got a call from the bishop of our ward, a family the ward has been working with for years has decided to get baptized. This was welcomed news. The bishop was a little sad though because he had to go to the Dominican Republic that night and will not be back till this next Tuesday. As the ward mission leader I now had a baptism to plan.

Wednesday was a very fun day; it was Maria's wedding!!! Devin and I were the designated taxi service for Grandma and Papa so we went and picked them up for the day. We headed up to the Salt Lake Temple for the sealing. I had never been to a sealing in the Salt Lake Temple before and I was excited to look around. The Salt Lake Temple has wide variety of art work that is unique to the temple. As we were sitting in the sealing room I looked up at the ceiling and noticed that it was decorated with fruit. One of the fruits looked like a peach and the other fruit was a pomegranate. For those of you who do not know, one of my Mom's favorite fruit is pomegranate. The pomegranate reminded me of my relationship to my parents and also my relationship to our future children. I am truly grateful for such a loving heritage and hope we are up to the task of passing it on to our children. The sealing was very nice on top of that. After the sealing we where waiting out side and I think Grandma was getting a little impatient. Grandma sent me over to Mario, Maria's Father, and had me as if we had to wait around for pictures. I went over to Mario and told him that I think I know the answer to the question but Grandma sent me. Mario replied, “Yes, you have to stay for pictures. That is a yes with a capital Y.” as I was walking away he also told me to tell her that she did not get that fancy hair do for nothing; it was for the pictures. After the pictures Devin and I got some time with my grandparents. We had lunch a a local soup shop and got to talk about life in general. It is always fun to converse with family about life. When they are older, like our parents not necessarily like grandparents, they often infuse many points of wisdom when they talk which I find interesting and helpful in everyday life. After a nap we all headed up to the reception. Boy was this a big shindig. After you got to where the receiving line was you were taken about a quarter of a mile on golf cart over some water falls and down in to the base of the water falls where there was a dance floor and lots of tables. I will say one thing about Mario's family they really know how to throw a party. It may have something to do with Mario being a professional party thrower but he certainly passed the trait on to his kids. The food was good and then the dancing started. I got to dance with Devin, my Grandma and my Aunt Karen. It was an all out party. Everyone had a good time. We also heard that when Maria and Patrick left that there where fireworks. That part is a little speculation because we left earlier than that. We then dropped of my grandparents and I said my final good bye because they were leaving the next day. I am excited to see them in a few weeks though they will be in town for my cousin Greg's farewell.

Friday we had the baptism for Justin and Kayla Leavitt. Their parents are members and the kids had been waiting for their father to baptize them. People who have moved away showed up and many people in the ward showed up for the event as well. I love the spirit that exists at these events. It was also special to have them confirmed this morning by their father as well. We hope the family will continue on the path they are on.

Saturday morning we had to drop off the clothes from the baptism the night before because the stake baptisms for the 8 year olds was that morning at 10 a.m.. We also got the opportunity to clean the church. Let me tell you, Devin is a cleaning machine. We cleaned all the bathrooms in the church in almost no time and that is mainly because of my wonderful wife's cleaning skills. I am letting you all in on a dirty little secret in our family Devin and I are compulsive betters. We can not even put our gambling habit to the side while we are cleaning the church. It all started out when Devin told me there was a bathroom in the nursery I bet her that there was not a bathroom in the nursery. I lost the bet and had to pay the usual price, a kiss. I will admit that I do not mind loosing these bets. I also want everyone to know that Devin lost a bet as well. While cleaning the church I bet that I knew where another nursery was and she bet me it was not there and do you know what? I won! I won a KISS! Boy was I happy to win that bet. Just a little happier to win that bet than loosing the previous one. Mainly because I was right. Later we went to the airport and picked up my brother Jason. He came back up to attend BYU for the year. We are glad to have him around for the next few days. That evening Devin and Jason left me alone at home. Jason went to hang out with his friend and Devin went and had a sisters night with Shannon and Melissa. I am sure that Devin had more fun than I did. She always seems to have a good time with her sisters. We love you all and hope you have a really fun week.

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