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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter September 14, 2008

We had a great time this week with all the family that we got to play with.. Grandma and Papa Payne stayed at our home Wednesday and Thursday nights. After they got into town on Wednesday we went out and picked up my brother Jason and went out to Jamba Juice and had a good time just sitting around and and discussing any topic that happened to come up. This was nice because we have not had many opportunities just to sit around and talk with Grandma and Papa. Thursday night was very similar to Wednesday except we played cards and Jason was not around. Friday morning we also had a good breakfast and sent Grandma and Papa on their way to Logan to play with Greg, my cousin. Greg is going to start serving his mission on Wednesday, he will be serving in the California Riverside.

I have many mixed emotions about what happened on Saturday. Devin and I want to say we are sorry to here that my brother Brian's home seems to have been destroyed by Ike. They where safe when Ike hit. They where up in Weatherford visiting my parents because of the hurricane. We are very happy that Brian, Tawnya, Faye, Dasie, and Lizzy are all safe and uninjured. Our prayers are with you. I know that we could not do anything, but I did feel a little guilty doing everything else we did that day knowing what happened to my brother's family. Devin, Jason and I went and visited my sister Jeni. We had a great time with her family we all went out to a local indoor pool and had fun swimming. We also had lots of time to talk and play. I even had some fun doing some physics problems. Jason had some homework and I was happy to get to do some problems.

This morning we woke up and headed to Logan to attend Greg's mission farewell. Greg gave a good talk about the Book of Mormon. After church we headed to Ed and Karen's house for lunch. Most of you do not know Ed and Karen but when they throw a party they throw a BIG party. There where close to 80 people at their home for lunch to celebrate Greg going on his mission. I did not mention that Karen is a very good cook. It is close to 11:00 at night and I am still full from lunch. We had a great time playing cards and eating home made ice cream with everyone. If you can not tell my family plays lots of card games. Greg has a list of several things he wants to do before he left on his mission. For example last week he set the world tea tor tottering record. Tonight he wanted to sleep on a slide. Fortunately for him he knows someone that owns one of those gigantic inflatable slides you see at state fairs. They inflated it in the back yard the little kids had a great time sliding down. Jason, Greg and Greg's Friends where doing flips off the top and then sliding down. Greg even tried to swing off the zip line and land on the slide. We where happy to get the opportunity to spend time with the family. We hope Greg has a great time serving down in California. I am tired and Devin has to work tomorrow so she will not be able to proof read my grammatical errors so if there is an incomplete sentence it must be Devin's fault. We hope you have a great week

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