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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter March 1, 2009

Since I had more fun this week than Jared, I get to write the letter. Jared talked last week about how my grandparents were here for my cousin's farewell and doctors appointments. I got to have the honor of spending the time with them and driving them around. Monday we went and visited quite a bit with family. We started off by visiting my other cousin, who just had a baby. We actually saw them last Sunday but Grandma accidentally left her coat there so we had to go back. OF COURSE holding the baby took place again before we left. We then went to see my cousin who just got home and his family. We had a great time visiting there and they fed us leftover soup from the luncheon the day before. Then what I thought was the most exciting visit took place. We headed up north and saw my great aunts. Granddad and Grandma each of have a sister in the same assistant living center. Aunt Margie is Granddad's sister and Aunt Collen is Grandma's sister. Collen's husband, Owen, lives there too. It was so fun to see these three. I've heard their names, knew they were my mom's aunts, and I know I had meet them when I was younger (like to young to remember them). It was so neat to visit them, see my grandparent's interacting with their siblings, and just hear the stories they all told. Once Granddad and Grandma mentioned who I was Aunt Collen and Aunt Margie seemed to remember me, which was kind of a good feeling. When we were done there we came home, just in time for Jared to get home about 10-15 mins. Later. We just had a good time visiting the rest of the evening. Tuesday was a big day. I took Grandddad and Grandma to a couple of doctor appointments. One of the things we did was blood work, so not sure how that turned out. But the two doctors we saw said good news so life is good! That night was the Blue & Gold banquet for scouts. I cannot even begin to tell you how relieved and glad that is over for the year! It was such a big event to put on. My most amazing husband did so incredibly much too. Thankfully we have Jason and Michelle (for those of you who don't remember Jason is Jared's bro. And Michelle is Jason's fiancée) who came and helped out too. Thanks so much again guys! The banquet turned out great though, and the boys seemed to have a great time. I feel honored in a way because one of my wolves earned his wolf! As his leader it made me feel great to have helped him receive this great achievement. Anyway~ the next few days were back to our regular routine of work and not doing terribly much. Friday held some excitement for us though. Not the kind of excitement that you hope for though. I was about to leave school when my neighbor called asking if I were home. She was at work, wanted to check on her son, and he wasn't answering the phone. Now the excitement is in why she wanted to check on him. Apparently about 12:30-1 that day, there were two men in our neighborhood that got in a fight. For story purposes, I'll refer to them as 45 and 25 because that's their ages. 45 started chasing 25 through the yards in our neighborhood. They got to a field about 3 blocks from our house when 25 turned and shoot 45 in the chest and stomach. 45 died at the hospital. Police have now arrested 25. Yeah, SCARY! This is definitely not something you would expect in our little quiet, peaceful neighborhood. Anyway~ the rest of the week was our normal routine. Tune in next week. I'm going to be mean and say we do having something kind of exciting happening, but not going to mention what. All will be revealed next letter. :0) No, we're not getting a baby. No, neither one of us is changing jobs, getting new callings, or anything like that. Hope all is well. Love you guys!

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