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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter Febuary 15, 2009

This week you get to be tortured by getting the letter from me! My wonderful husband is cleaning up the kitchen and getting dinner ready for after church. Aren't I lucky? I want to begin by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA! My grandma Hurst is an absolutely wonderful lady. This week though, nothing exciting happened. Last Sunday, we did our typical Sunday routine with Jared having church meetings, hanging out, church, dinner and games with Jason and Michelle. Monday was our typical work day. We both worked, Jared had dinner ready when I got home, and we went to bed early. Oh! The floor I worked on has only two aides on one side. The other aide I was working that day was awesome and so sweet! She had busy patients and mine weren't as busy. So obviously I did what any coworker would do and I helped her where I could. She was so appreciative; it was nice to be recognized. She wrote her manager, who in turn wrote my manager, and she also told ... I guess you could kind of call them assistant managers... and he gave me some vitality bucks, which is pretty much something you give so the person can get a free meal in the cafeteria. I don't feel like I honestly did that much, but this other aide sure did. It was a great day. Tuesday started out nice because we went to the optometrist together again. Jared picked up his new oakley glasses and I was told to keep wearing the new type of contacts. First off, let me tell you... my husband has more pairs of glasses then anyone I know! He has three pairs sitting in a drawer at home, one pair he wears all the time, one or two pairs at work, and let's not forget the pair of prescription sunglasses he has in his car. He keeps wanting more too. Thank goodness for insurance or he would not be getting them. Anyway~ other than that on Tuesday I did stuff at home while Jared worked. We went to a foster care training class that night. I thought it was cool, but Jared wasn't as impressed. It was on peaceful parenting. The part that sticks out in my mind the most is how she said that the kids who have separation issues tend to pass those issues on to the parents. I just thought that was really interesting because normally you hear about the parents influencing the children. That whole thought kind of makes me even more nervous to foster children. It'll be great though, once we get to that point. Wednesday was another work day. It wasn't our typical one though. Jared got off maybe 20 minutes before I did so he picked up a movie and dinner, we came home and quickly ate. We thought he'd have a ward missionary meeting, but no one showed up. This ended up being a blessing in disguise though because it allowed us to get other things done. Thursday was a LONG day for us. I studied most of the morning after I got Jared off to work. Took a test, held den meeting for scouts, then relaxed and ate dinner for about an hour until Jared got home. He had a company dinner thing because his boss' boss was/is in town. We thought he'd only be home for 20 mins. Before having to go to a stake missionary meeting, but he ended up being home for just over an hour. He got home just after 9 p.m. From that and then he helped Jason and Michelle with labels for the wedding invitations. Yeah, LONG day. Friday I went to school, Jared worked, then that night we went to a Stake Valentine's Dinner and dance. It was a lot of fun! Nothing to exciting or special though. Yesterday was a lot of little things. We got up so Jared could play church ball, but it ended up only one other guy was though, so no game. We went home, grabbed breakfast, then went back and Jared was scorekeeper for the next game while I played with the referee's kids. They were fun. We came home, cleaned house, then I went to lunch and a movie with Shannon and Melissa. We saw “Confessions of a shopaholic”. It was really cute. Definitely more of a chick movie, but I think it'd be tolerable for the men. I came home, we went grocery shopping. While we were there we found out that our friends are in the hospital. He's been having some health problems. So we went up and visited with them for a bit, brought them a smoothie, which he wasn't able to have. We didn't know until after we were there though. Yeah, we're sad. We didn't even really celebrate Valentine's. Nothing really new going on though. We're still waiting on paper work stuff to go any further with the adoption process. We do have a case worker assigned to us though. As you can tell, and to sum it up, school, work, scouts, and missionary stuff is keeping us busy! We love you all and hope this finds everyone doing great.

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