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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter August 8, 2008

Since my wonder husband is out helping a friends with some computer homework (go figure, Jared help someone with computer homework? :0) ) you get to hear about the week from me. I can't say that to terribly much happened this week. On Monday night we helped our neighbors move. They were awesome, but he got a teaching job up in northern Nevada, so they had to go. We got to spend Sunday night and Monday night with them to say good-bye. It was a lot of fun. The rest of the week was laid back and boring. Just full of school and work Oh! Thursday morning, Jared actually got up to an alarm clock! Well, sort of. For all of you that know my husband, he is close to being anti-alarm clock and usually wakes up whenever he feels like it. He was asked to help the youth perform baptisms for the dead. He had to be to the temple by 5:30 in the morning. All of you know this is very difficult for Jared. He didn't even hear the alarm clock. He's gotten so use to blocking it out; usually it's waking me up. I had to turn over and wake him up. He did it though. He had a great time too. Friday is when the excitement started again. Jared called me a little while after he had gotten to work. He had received word that his Grandma O' Bryant had a massive stroke. From what we hear, she's doing relatively okay. Grandma has ups and downs, so we don't know what's going to happen. Currently they have her under sedation. My guess is so that her body can concentrate on healing itself as much as it can. Please keep her in your prayers. Friday night, we went and ran some errands. While we were out, Jared talked me into letting him by some storage device and back up hard-drive for our computer. I'm a sucker for my husband, what can I say? He seriously was like a kid on Christmas day when we got home and he got to set it up. When he went to throw the boxes away, he discovered we had new neighbors moving in! They seem really nice. Their names are Paul and Stacy. They have a 2 yr. Old girl named Madilyn (Madi for short). We haven't really gotten to talk to them much since Fri. night though. Saturday we didn't do much, but I had fun. I got to spend the whole day with my hubby. Which means I got lots of talking time (and let's not forget cuddles) with Jared. Not to much exciting happened today. The bishopric still has not called me an assistant, which is starting to worry me a bit. The second counselor said they have someone in mind, they just have to extend the calling. He said there maybe issues with her work schedule. So we'll see. I take my final tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. Jared was asked to go to girl's camp (yes, that's right... girl's camp) on Thursday. I guess they don't have a priesthood leader able to be up there that day. I think he's a bit scared to go though, because he's having me go with him. It'll only be that day from like 8am to 5 that night. Won't be bad. Friday we are headed down to the four corners area to have family reunion for the Hurst side (my mom's side). We're excited to go and see everyone, but I don't think Jared's to excited to sleep in a tent. From there I'll go to AZ with my sister, Anna, for about a week. Which will be so fun!! So as you can see... busy, busy, busy!! Jared and I were debating who gets to write the family letter next week. I say he does because he'll be at home with the computer and the e-mail addresses. He claims he can just send all of them to me. I think I'm going to win but ssshhh! don't tell Jared :0) Anyway~ hope this finds everyone well. Love ya all!!

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