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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter October 21, 2008

I would like to tell you that this week was so fun that I do not know where to start I would like to tell you that watching 4 seasons of Stargate in a row is more fun than it really is but I would be lying about how interesting our week really was. Wednesday I had my surgery to have the kidney stones removed. I did not have the surgery until late in the afternoon. This means that Wednesday was the best day of the week I got to spent most of the day just playing with Devin and that was more fun than the rest of the week combined. After the surgery I was very hungry. The Nurse kept telling me not to eat any spicy food. Unfortunately the only food I wanted was some curry, which happens to be a little spicy. I was getting quite frustrated listing spicy foods I wanted to eat that I was then told I could not eat. We left the hospital and immediately went to a Thai restaurant and got some curry. I was quite happy to ignore the doctors orders and have some food with some flavor in it. At this time I would like to say thanks to Shannon for coming down to the hospital and keeping Devin sane while I was in surgery. Devin is a worry wart and she really needed someone there. Thank you Shannon for all you did.

The next few days are a little bit of a blur. I was pretty out of it because I was on some heavy pain killers. On Saturday for example I would wake up take some pain killers eat a small about of food. Drink something and put on a Stargate. I would then fall asleep until the pain woke me up and I would start over again. I actually found a position to sit in that helped me not feel as much pain. I would put the couch and the love seat facing each other. I would sit on the part of the couch that the love seat was not in front of and put my right foot on the ground. My left foot would be propped up on the love seat and I would have a pillow on my right side. I would lean up next to the pillow and sleep there. I know this sounds like an uncomfortable position and after the pain went away I realized that the position was not nearly as comfortable as I thought. This position mainly kept me from pushing on my back where the kidney stone was. Devin even got a few pictures of me one night.

I am actually a little happy to be getting this letter out a day late because we got some really cool news this afternoon. Devin got several calls from a lady associated with the IHC Nursing Program. Devin was at work so she kept missing the calls. Eventually Devin got in touch with the lady and Devin was informed that SHE IS ACCEPTED INTO THE NURSING PROGRAM!!! The program starts in January. We do not know what this means for foster care and other stuff but we can now put together many scenarios we where not able to count on before. We will be putting together out plans in the next few weeks. We went out to dinner and Devin was telling me how she finally felt that her schooling is finally worth the effort. I know that this will be a great blessing to us in the future.

I am sorry this letter is short and late but I am tired and I spent most of the week not knowing which way was up. We wish you a good week and will write again soon.

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