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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter January 12, 2009

I want all of you to know that unlike most weeks I do can not think of any stories you might be interested in. I did not loose a pen and Devin did not leave a mess in a closet for the night. I am really drawing a blank on a good story. I could tell you of my troubles of trying to install Ubuntu Linux on a jump drive and failing miserably, but even that sentence is probably too much computer talk for most of you. Devin could not think of much to write about so I will start with Saturday and see what happens after that.

Saturday started out with one of the rarest of occurrences. I actually got out of bed before I felt like it. I was happy to get out of bed though because Devin and I had devised an evil plan; to drive someone close to us plum loco. We then headed over to Shannon's house. Mom Zobrist was staying there for the night and it looked like every one had a great time. Our niece and nephew, Emily and Ben, had slept over and were eating cereal in front of the TV. They seemed excited that they had watched “Sponge Bob Square Pants”. From my perspective things could not have started better, they had already primed the pump and I missed every second of that most annoying show. We talked for a few minutes and then we began Mom's trip to crazy town. Our plan was simple: put Mom into the car and then go in circles all day long. We did not want her to enjoy her trip so we just drove her around and around and around. Mom probably thinks we where intentionally driving her crazy and we were. Our first stop on the way to casa de crazy was 0 North, 0 West in Salt Lake City (more commonly know as Temple Square). While we were there we ran into the trouble makers for our evil plot. Some how several of relatives from Devin's side of the family just happened to show up. Now I know they say it was a coincidence but I will prove they were out to foil our plot. Since everyone was together it seems that Devin's cousin Garrett decided that it seemed like a good time to get married to some random girl named Paige. I am confident that they had planned and planned just to thwart out attempt to take Mom to insane asylum. Since we were already there it was only polite to attend their sealing ceremony. Well after that Devin felt that Mom needed to go a little more crazy so we forced Mom into the car and drug her to a taco stand then forced her to buy us tacos. They really were very good but there was no time to waste, Mom's clear thought was getting in the way of our plot. We started to drive south for about an hour. Then we realized that we took a wrong turn some where and then headed north. I am sure that if Mom had not had a semi full stomach she would have realized how lost we really tried to be and would have gone 10 points more loony because we went through 2 towns before turning around. Our plan to trap Mom in the car and drive her to crazy town was back firing already. We did stop at a church building and can you believe it more Zobrists were there eating lunch. Garrett and Paige had selected the food and there was plenty of food for everyone. For the second time that day they had divined out location and planned to stop us from driving Mom crazy. Because the family was there we lost precious ground on our trip. We could not stand for this and headed back in the direction we came from. I think we headed them off at the pass because no one found us at least for a little while. If Garrett and Paige had not been so good in their planning I am sure that Mom would have been turning into a raving loon at this point. After collecting our cool Devin and I decided that in order to drive Mom a little more crazy we should shoved Mom back into the car and drive south. Now I am have not been able to find their source but who ever they are they are still hiding very well because I could not believe that the Zobrist clan knew what our new plot was and they set up a big party for Mom. Devin normally loves parties but this one was destroying our plan. Garrett and Paige had even rented out the community center. They seemed quite determined to not to let Mom loose her mind by driving around all day long. Mom, I am sure that you must be Garrett's favorite aunt because he seemed quite determined to help you keep what sanity you have. There was only one option left for us. In order to make the plan a success we had to take Mom from the party and take her back to where the plan started, Shannon's place. I am sorry to say that we failed in our evil plot to drive Mom crazy. We really tried; we drove about 300 miles in all and she weathered it like a champ. I am sure that if Garrett had not been in the picture all that driving would have worked.

If any of you have ideas on how to drive people crazy please send them to us. Our ideas do not seem to work well. Until next week have a great time.

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