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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter July 20 , 2008

Earlier this week Devin and I were getting stuff ready for me to go the scout camp with the boys on Friday. We went out and bought sleeping bags, camp chairs, and we looked at cots as well but did not get those. Then everything went down. The Young Men's President called and told me that most of the boys were coming home early and they no longer needed me to go to scout camp. I had already planned on only working half a day on Friday but now I had half a day to play. I was getting excited!!! I got home and realized that “honey dew” was on the menu. I had procrastinated many small chores around the house, and I had committed to do them this weekend. I decided that I could get most of the stuff done on Friday and have Saturday to play. We started out by cleaning out our utility closet. To be in compliance with foster care rules. We are not allowed to have any storage within 4 feet of the hot water heater and furnace. Since we had some stuff in that closet we use, like our printer, we had to make room for stuff under the stairs and once we organized stuff under the stairs we had a few things,that needed to go somewhere else, like a box of my brother Josh's stuff from his mission. That lead to us reorganizing our storage closet out side. At the rate I was going I was never going to get much taken off my “honey dew” list. After the shuffling everything around the house we went out and got the few remaining items on our foster care list, shelves and child safety locks, that kind of stuff. We got home and I was putting stuff together like the new shelves. I also tried to get the child safety locks on the cabinet doors but I did not have the drill bit I needed. Eventually we called it quits and watched a movie with our next door neighbors. Saturday was not much better. We got up and got the drill bits I needed to put in the child safety locks and I installed those, and fixed the curtains and made Devin a lock box for her medication since all medication has to be locked up for foster care. The list kept coming some time in the after noon we got most of the way done with stuff when Devin reminded me that her computer is messed up and I promised to fix it on Saturday. I conceded but first Devin gave me a hair cut, yet another item on a long list of things my, adorable wife wanted me to do. Around 3:30 in the afternoon I saw a reprieve Devin was going to go out with her sisters to a play "The 12 Dancing Princesses" I started backing up all the data on the computer and worked on it until 2:00 this morning when I was just too tired. Man, my wife is lucky she is soooooo good loooooking, or I may not have gotten all the stuff done I did. Devin and I fell asleep on the couch and finally went to our own bed around 5:00 a.m. I did not want to get up for my 8:00 meetings this morning.

We would like to say that there are times in life when something exciting happens. One of those events happened earlier this week we found out that we have a chance to get a perfect 1:1 ratio of nieces to nephews in the next year. currently we have that the perfect ratio. We have 6 nieces and 6 nephews right now. We where a little disappointed in my sister Jeni for not having twins, a boy and a girl. Instead she is having a beautiful baby girl in November. I just felt off center. I like to divide my love evenly. The nieces get 50% and the nephews get 50%. I also feel that it is important to divide my love up evenly between the nieces and nephews. As long as there is not the golden ratio I can not be happy. Here are my instructions to Anna. HAVE A BOY IT WILL MAKE ME SANE, but even if it is a girl we will love her very much as well. Congratulations Anna and Collin.

Devin and I were minding our own business in church today. As you know that is the worst thing you can do in church. This makes people feel like you do not have enough friends or enough to do in general. As I said we were minding our own business when the 2nd counselor from the bishopric came over and talked to Devin about something between Sunday School and Relief Society. Earlier in Sacrament they released the Wolf Den leader. They (the 1st counselor specifically) also made a comment about Devin taking charge of the wolf den until they got someone else. The 2nd counselor made comments about making the position official and asked to set up a time to come and talk to us about the wolf den on Wednesday. I will take all bets on if you think Devin is not going to get called to wolf den leader. I hope to make some quick cash so hurry and place your bets. Devin should tell you all about her girls night but seems more interested in making corn bread for dinner right now so until next week. We love you all and wish you the best.

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