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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter January 18, 2009

I get to start this letter out by saying welcome to a new missionary to the list. Theda Beauchamp is going to the Cape Verde Mission, just west of Africa. For those of you who do not know Theda is a sister from the ward I grew up in. She is a very caring person who, as far as I can remember, was always helping and serving others. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to take her to the MTC this week. I learned several things about the MTC this week. It started on Sunday when Theda called me to remind me that I told her I would take her to the MTC the next day. I was planning on taking her to the MTC on Wednesday. I had no idea that only the 19-25 year old missionaries go into the MTC on Wednesday. Monday morning I went to work early to have the time to take Theda to the MTC. I was expecting a thing similar to dropping of those young whipper snappers; where they say some words of encouragement and then you go your separate ways. When we got to the MTC it was not crowded. There were not thousands of people around it; was actually very calm. We walked to the front desk at the MTC and they put a check mark by her name and called security to pick up her bags. I loaded them up and gave her one last hug and Theda started what looks to be a great missionary experience. Theda said she is the companion to the mission nurse so it looks like she will get to go around and visit with many people around the country. It was a very different experience than what I had grown accustom to. Devin and I are very excited for you Theda and wish you the best mission possible.

Now I want you to know that Friday was a very special day. For me there was nothing out of the ordinary. I went to work and came home like most days but Devin did something exciting for most of the day. Devin started nursing school!!! She got up a little early and prepared for school. I had a little trouble telling the difference between getting prepared for school and work but Devin says the preparation is different. Devin's first class has a very weird name and I can not pronounce it properly. The class is 4 hours long and Devin says it is has an overwhelming amount of information crammed into that time. This looks like a class that will need copious amounts of studying. After that class Devin gets an hour lunch break until her drug class starts. Devin did not talk about that class much so I am going to guess that it was not as strenuous. I can not pronounce the name of that class properly but it is all about drugs and how to take drugs without over dosing. I think that if you are going to be a drug addict you should be required to take this kind of class. Devin is excited and took her first online quiz on Saturday. She got a 9 out of 10 on the quiz. If this keeps up she is going to be an “A” student. No pressure, my good looking wife.

Devin's note: First off, my first class was pathophysiology, or patho. The first two hours were so long and boring because the teacher was going over stuff like “don't cheat; this is considered cheating; here's where you find this; this is how you do this”; it was tedious! Necessary, but boring. The last two hours she just threw a bunch of information at us. I believe this will be the tougher of the two classes. My second class is pharmacology, or pharm. This is a two hour class and the first hour was the whole “don't cheat” stuff again. The second hour we reviewed math stuff, which was so incredibly easy for me when I took that math class. We'll see how next Friday goes.

Now comes the exciting part of the week. Saturday I had to go into work for a good hunk of the day. I was sad about this but it was necessary. I told Devin she could come along if she wanted and can you believe it? Devin wanted to come to cubical land and watch me work. Devin distracted herself with school for about 4 hours but eventually lost interest in being at my work. While we were there something simple happened. Devin took my work badge and went to the restroom. At my work the work area has a security lock and your work badge will allow you to open the door. Now this may not sound interesting yet but it will get more interesting, I promise. After a little while longer I realized I needed to use the restroom. As I tried to get back into the work area I realized that I had not picked up my badge on the way out. I had thought about doing so a couple of times but being the imbecile I am, I walked out with no way to get back in. I thought about several things I could go outside and try and get Devin's attention. I was about to do this when I realized that we were on the third floor and that would probably lead to me being stuck outside. Next I thought I could call Devin and tell her to let me in. The only flaw in my plan was that I left my phone at my desk. I tried banging on the door but since it was Saturday I was unable to get any one's attention. I waited for about 5 minutes looking for someone to let me in but I could not do that simple task. I then noticed something behind me. It was a conference room. I decided to grab a chair and sit at the door and wait. It was better than standing. As I was grabbing the chair I noticed the second thing in the room that could make my life easier, the phone. As I picked up the phone I realized something. I do not know Devin's phone number. I always call her from the speed dial and I do not use the numbers very often. Then I remembered that my phone was on my desk if I was lucky Devin would answer it. I dialed my phone number waited until I heard the sweet voice of my wonderful wife. Devin is truly a spectacular woman and really helped out. We actually had an interesting week this week and I even cut 2 other fun stories. Hopefully yours will be just as interesting.

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