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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter Febuary 8 , 2009

I apologize for Devin not writing the letter last week. I was at home by myself being very bored last Sunday. Devin had to go to work and was very busy helping others. In my opinion Devin should have written the family letter. I am sure that if she really wanted she would have been able to find the hour or so required to put one of these things together. I was obviously way to busy not doing much. I am sorry about last week for all of you who hang on every word. I have been very busy these last few weeks at work. We are releasing the product at the end of the month and there is still lots of work to be done before it is released. I could go on but I am positive that you have heard enough techno. jargon for the letter. I really liked Tuesday this week. My main reason for liking Tuesday is that I did not go into work until about 10:00. Devin had an eye appointment and I get a new pair of glasses so I went to her appointment with her. I eventually picked out a pair of Oakley glasses that I really liked and Devin is going to get a new type of contact lenses which she says already feel better on her eyes. Unlike normal Devin was driving the car that particular morning. As we were headed to my work I noticed something. They way I drive must cause Devin to go loco. I am one of the most passive drivers there are. I will pick a lane and just stay there unless I absolutely need to change lanes. I will follow a slow person for miles and not think twice about it. If I think I am going to hit a red light I will take my foot off the gas a block or two before I get to the light. In order not to turn left onto a busy street without a light I will go a half mile in another direction. When I follow someone I like them to be 3 – 4 seconds in front of me. I think this is normal and completely OK to do. While I am driving Devin is probably trying to push the gas peddle on her side of the car and wanting to just get there. After realizing this I looked over at my most BEAUTIFUL WIFE and asked if she had trouble watching me drive when she sat in the passenger seat. Devin confirmed that my driving habits are not what she would consider normal. And that I am one of the pokiest drivers in the world. I will take that as a compliment. I look at my driving habits as a way to trap my wife in the car with me. I like to spend time with her and if it takes and extra 5 minutes to get somewhere I would rather take that time and be with her than being at work, church meetings, grocery stores or wherever else we may be going. Being in the car might not be the best time together but it is still time together. With Devin's more aggressive style of driving, especially on the way to work, gives the impression that she does not want to be around me. I have been working long days and Saturdays and she just wants to hurry up drop me off to get rid of me. I know you all feel my pain when you are discarded so callously.

One of the other exciting things that happened this week was that Devin had scouts on Thursday. I know that Devin has scouts most Thursdays but that did not stop this one from being special. For at several reasons the first one is that three boys showed up. I do not think this has happened many times since Devin has been the wolf leader. Another reason is that two of the boy just got placed in the Den and they showed up. The boys seemed to have a great time we cooked hot dogs and smores on a grill. The boys where passing off a requirement to cook something outside. We also had a long snowball fight the boys had fun. Running around and playing. One of the other things that was exciting is that one of the boys passed off his final requirement for getting his wolf badge. Everyone seemed to have a good time and they seem to want to come back to scouts and have a good time. Devin works very hard at scouts and does an excellent job of getting the boys motivated to do scouts. I am lucky to have such a WONDERFUL WIFE who I love very much. Hopefully next week something more interesting happens.

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