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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter November 10, 2008

So this weeks letter is going to be short for two reasons. One is because I'm writing it and not Jared. The other one is that although we had an absolutely, incredibly busy week, nothing happened! How that works, I have no idea. Tuesday I went and worked, then went to vote. Jared, on the other hand, had a crazy, busy day of work, voting, eye doctor appointment, and went out with the missionaries. Wednesday was probably the funnest day, for me. I had the first of two orientations for nursing school (one orientation for the school, one for the hospital). They gave us a lot of useful information, we ordered our uniforms, and all that good stuff. I must say though that they were not smart when they did our drug testing. So being nurses there were A TON of women, they only had 3 women testing at one time. Yeah, I was towards the end of the line and ended up waiting for almost two hours just to drug test. On the bright side, I got to meet a few nice women. Anyway~ later that night we watched I watched our friends, the Hoffman's, kids while Jared was in and out due to home teaching and missionary work. Thursday night Jared helped his friend Tyler with computer homework stuff (although they weren't able to get anywhere. Apparently Java stinks) and I went to institute. I have absolutely love my class! Having time with my friend Becca doesn't hurt one bit either. We're taking the first half of Old Testament. It's awesome. The teacher is great. Friday was the best though! We went and did temple sealings. I don't know that much explanation is required on why it was so great. Sat. I worked and Jared helped Tyler some more. This time they made progress. We'll find out tonight if the boys were able to successfully complete the project. Yesterday I worked again (yes, it's been a long weekend for me but our trip to the Bahamas is keeping me going!) while Jared had the typical Sunday of meetings and church. After I got off we went to the Hoffman's and had dinner and watched homemade movie clips. Nate and his brothers make silly little movies. They're fun. It was nice to visit with them. They're great friends. So, now to why I'm writing the letter and not Jared. He ended up falling asleep when I did last night, even though he told me he'd write the letter after I fell asleep, then he left for work early this morning. I thought writing the letter would be fun. I was suppose to work again today, but they put me on-call. Which is nice so that now I don't have to be stressed with ALL trip preparations tomorrow. We leave for the Bahamas late Tuesday night. We're so excited! We will let you know how it goes next week! Until then, have fun, be safe, and we'll see you all soon hopefully. Love you!

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