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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter November 3, 2008

I am going to write this letter very fast this week. We have lots to do and not enough time to do it. I want every one of you to know that in the nearly two years that Devin and I have been married I have acquired a few talents that I did not have before. One of which is that I now make the bed most days that Devin goes to work. In the many years before I was married I only made my bed on the day that I did laundry. Sometimes I did not even make my bed then. But that is not my most impressive skill. Since I have been married I have learned how to notice when the floor needs to be swept. Just so you know my mom did teach me how to sweep the floor. Now Devin may not approve of my methods and I am pretty sure my mom would not approve either. I normally sweep all the junk into a pile and then try and brush it all on to the carpet. I figure I will have to vacuum in a few minutes any way, but sweeping is not my coolest attribute. I have learned how to decorate a house so that it looks more like a home. If any of you come to our home you would probably think that it looks like a cozy place to live. Devin did not put much effort into decorating the house; I did it all one day when she was at work. Interior decorating is not my most impressive talent. In case you did not notice this was a very slow week and I am waisting your time with lots of fluff trying not to tell you what my new super power is. My new super power is the ability to read Devin's mind and tell what Devin wants for a snack. I know this most awesome ability is just the most awesome thing you could possible want to have. I noticed this power for the first time just after my Devin had a long day. I made dinner and it was about an hour later and can you guess what happened Devin wanted a snack. I looked at Devin and offered to make her some food. I specifically asked if she wanted a sandwich and at that moment I thought you should have offered her a grilled cheese sandwich. Devin protested me making food but reluctantly asked for a GRILLED CHEESE sandwich. At this time I thought that this may have been a coincidence, but it was a little odd that I would know exactly what she wanted. I dutifully went and made her the requested sandwich. About an hour after that Devin had a look on her face that said I am hungry, and I thought Devin wants apple sauce. I paused to think of the impact if I could read my wife's mind and figure out what she wanted for a snack. I mean Devin could just look at me and I would know things like Devin wants a peanut butter cup. Now if Devin ever looks at you it is probably a good guess that Devin wants a peanut butter cup but that is a different story. At this time I decided to throw the dice and I offered to requisition some apple sauce. Devin's eyes lit up more than usual and she confirmed my super power. She said “You must be a mind reader because that is exactly what I was thinking”. Now you may think that the story ends with my getting apple sauce, but it does not. As I was getting the stuff in the kitchen Devin sent an new thought in my direction it specifically said “CINNAMON, CINNAMON, I WANT CONAIMON IN MY APPLE SAUCE”. I put some cinnamon in and brought it to my spectacular wife and can you believe it, she said she loves cinnamon? This just confirmed my new found ability. When I make an inadequate dinner and my wife is hungry afterward I can establish a mental connection to her and learn what she want to eat because I am unable to cook a proper dinner. If that is not the best super power in the world I guess you do not live in my world.

Sunday night Mom, who had been visiting Jeni, came over and slept at my house since she had to go to the airport this morning. We had a great time talking with Mom and just hanging out. This morning we even went out to breakfast with her and my brother Jason and his girl Michelle. Michelle seems to like Jason. It was fun to spend time with Mom for a while. We recently learned a new piece of information about my brother Josh and his family. They are going to have a baby!!! On the way to the airport today Mom was talking to Josh he said Jill is feeling a little nauseated. Mom tried to empathies with Jill and said that she knew what it was like to be pregnant and feel sick and that you feel like you can not do the simple things around the house. Josh agreed that Jill being pregnant is rough on him and that we should all pray for him. Josh you are in our prayers, and Jill if you need some prayers pleas let us know. We love you all and hope you have a great week.

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