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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter September 7 , 2008

Have I ever told you all what the funnest thing to do is? I am not sure I have. I think the funnest thing in the whole wide world to do is be with Devin. Now some of you may think “haaaaaaaaay Devin can not be that much fun”. Let me tell you that you are absolutely wrong. Devin is the funnest person ever. Too bad for all of you, I get her almost all the time. I some times share her with y'all but she always comes back for some unexplained reason. Here is my week with Devin.

Sunday my brother Jason came over and hung out with us for the night and part of Monday. After a while we started talking about humor and from there Jason and I started talking about humor in Stargate, obviously one of the best shows. As soon as we started talking about Stargate, ,my wonderful wife stopped cuddling me and after another minute of talking about Stargate Devin went up stairs. As you can tell from my explanation of events Devin left, I think Devin left, because of the topic. Soon after being separated from my wife I realized what time it was and I followed her upstairs because she is much funner to hang out with than my brother Jason. Upon going upstairs to be with the cool person in the house I asked about her disinterest in the topic of Stargate. She claims she was not listening to our conversation and she needed to get ready for bed because she has to work the next day. I later found out that this was not true but at the time Devin believed it to be true. I want all of you to know that hanging out with Devin is much more interesting than talking about Stargate with Jason. A few minutes later Devin called in to work to find out her what assignment for the next day, Labor Day, would be. Instead of sending her to labor like the holiday implies they told her to stay home and play.

Monday I shared my fun person with our neighbors who needed help getting their new home in order. I guess the people who moved out left the home in a very big mess and my wife is the best cleaner in town. Devin can clean a mess up faster than a rodeo clown running from a bull. While Devin made real progress cleaning a dirty home, Jason and I tried to strip the floor in our house and make it clean for Devin. Jason and I failed at cleaning the floor completely. We went out and purchased floor cleaner, scrub brushes, and a mop. We tried hard to get the floor clean but with no success. In the same time Devin cleaned and cleaned something that was actually dirty. If you have never been to our home Devin almost always has it perfectly clean. I think it is great fun to mess things up just a little bit and see if Devin figures out what I did wrong. As an example you may skip forward to Friday. After I dropped off Jason at his place Devin and I went out and got some more stuff for foster care. I really do not remember much of what we did but I really had a good time holding Devin's hand. One thing we did was get bunk beds. I mean what could be cooler than sharing a room with your wife and getting to sleep in bunk beds!!! I was a little disappointed we were not able to get our new beds until Friday.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday where all about the same Devin spent the day helping our neighbors. I spent the day working and we traded nights attending meetings. Being in a boring meeting always reminds me how lucky I am to have Devin at home. I appreciate her much more after listening to boring people talk about boring stuff.

Friday I had the most wonderful lunch. Devin made lunch and we went to a park and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I can not tell you how refreshing it was to spend the time with her and get away from work. It was by far my favorite lunch this week. That means something because on Wednesday the team I am on went out to a five star restaurant and had a four course meal. After I got home from work Devin and I went out to Costco to get pictures for our passports. As some of you may know it is almost impossible to leave Costco without spending more money than you expected. We ended up purchasing sheets for our bunk bed that got delivered earlier that day along with several other things that we needed but did not plan on purchasing before leaving. When we got home Devin and I were unloading the car. For some unexplained reason Devin dropped the box with the sheets in the front door way. I took it upon myself to help with the situation. There were 6 sets of sheets, 4 ended up spread around the front room, one ended up on the stairs, and the last one ended up in the hall upstairs. Upon seeing my skills of putting things away Devin insisted that I put the sheets upstairs. I obediently picked up the sheets and was about to take the sheets and throw them around upstairs much like they were downstairs. Devin saw through my plan and decided to tell me that they belonged in a specific closet upstairs. At this time Devin did not trust my ability follow her directions. I thought I was doing pretty good at following directions. I went to the appropriate closet dropped the sheets on the ground and kicked them into the closet. Devin then gave me new directions on top of the ones previously given. Devin's new instructions were that I had to put the sheets on the shelf in the closet. Right after she changed the rules the last time, she clarified that the sheets needed to be placed neatly on the shelves. Since the shelves where empty I decided to put one set of sheets on each shelf. At this time Devin could not stand it any longer and kicked me out of her way and placed the sheets neatly on one shelf in the appropriate closet upstairs. I thought I was doing good but I guess I just am unable to figure out Devin's organization style.

Saturday after Devin got off work we went to the Saturday session of Stake conference; any thing you do with Devin is better than doing it alone. If I would have gone to conference alone I would have slept through the meeting and I would not have been able to hold my Devin's hand. Devin was with me so now when I slept through conference I got to hold her hand. As a matter of fact, not only did Devin hold my hand during conference but she also indulged in my vice as well she slept through most of the meeting. I hope we get bonus points for showing up because we did not listen to what was said very much. I enjoyed taking a nap with my ultra fun wife even if we really needed to listen to the people talking. We hope that you stay awake for your meetings this next week, and hope you did not get bored reading this letter

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