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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter October 27, 2008

I get to start this letter off with some really cool news. My sister Jeni had their baby on Friday!!! I mean how often do you get a new niece or nephew. I think that only happens about 3 or 4 times a year. Chelsae is a beautiful little girl she even has enough hair to style it, last I saw it was an fro. I think she may be allergic to me though. When I held her she sneezed 4 or 5 times but she did not sneeze for any one else. We had a great time this week end. Friday Devin and I went to Brigham City to pick up the kids so Bart could stay with Jeni at the hospital. Jeni was a little disappointed she could not go home the same day she delivered the baby. I guess the hospital has rules against this type of behavior. Jeni seemed in good spirits and we are happy to have Chelsae in our family. We went home that night and put Jessi and Brian to bed.

Saturday morning at around 6:15 a.m.,after Devin went to work, I was half asleep and I heard a noise in the hall. I opened my eyes ever so slightly, and there was little Brian peeking around the door frame to see if anyone was awake to entertain him. Luckily he did not notice me peeking and a minute later he left. I believe this behavior continued several more times because I heard little feet but I stopped opening my eyes. I eventually had to get up around 6:45 and as soon as I took a few steps toward the restroom I heard Brian's little feet running up the stairs because he finally had someone to play with. Brian told me he was hungry so we went downstairs to get him some food. The first thing he wanted was some toast so I started to make some toast. I believe at this time Brian got frustrated waiting for the bread to become toast so he insisted that he needed a cracker to tide himself over while the toast was being made. I got him situated at the table and he was eating happily when he decided that he also wanted eggs. Being the nice uncle that I am I also made him a scrambled egg. I guess that to a hungry two year old I look very similar to a short order cook. Jessi was much easier to handle she only wanted a bowl of cereal. After breakfast was over I had a new challenge ahead of me. I volunteered to pick my Mom up from the airport at 9:00 a.m. I do not get to see my Mom much and this trip is for Jeni so if I get to talk to Mom in the car from the air port so be it. This also meant that I had to get the kids dressed and out the door quickly which I did. I even left the house within 3 minutes of when I really wanted to leave. Mom did point out that Jessi had her shirt on inside out but I guess that guys do not notice that type of thing as good as Moms do. I picked up Mom and had a good time talking to her on the way to Jeni's house. When we got there Brian realized where we where and let out a scream of terror because he wanted to play at my house. I spent most of the afternoon talking to Jeni, Mom and Bart and playing with the kids it was lots of fun. I eventually had to head home Devin and I had plans with Jason and his girl Michelle. We went over to my uncle Toby's house and went swimming. Devin and I are going to the Bahamas and we wanted a little practice using a snorkel and fins before we got there. Jason and Michelle where just a bonus. We had lots of fun Devin especially enjoyed the hot tub. For those of you who do not know Toby has an indoor heated pool so it was not cold..

Sunday morning we had to get up early and head back to Jeni's house for church. They have church at 9:00 a.m. so we left here around 7:00 a.m.. Sacrament meeting was a treat because it was the primary program. This is one of my favorite sacrament meetings of the year. I love to hear the children's simple but pure testimonies, but what I like more is when the primary kids mess up their parts and talk about the wrong thing or say something off topic. One of the kids said something to the effect that Jesus loved him because he was a good soccer player. Another kid talked about the plan of resurrection, we believe he meant the plan of redemption. I will say that Jessi did very good she stood up and said her part without help. They did have her say an extra line that was added that morning that she needed help with but the part she practiced she new perfectly. I will admit that I missed about half of the meeting playing with Cheerios. I would take one cheerio out of the bag and place it on my hand and Brian would eat it without using his hands. As you can guess a 2 year old can slobber up a storm so it was a little disgusting. I would put the cheerio between my fingers and he would lick them up to get at them. Sometimes I would pretend I was going to eat the cheerio and he would push me away and get the cheerio before I got to it. After a while I put the cheerio on my knee and Brian would eat the cheerio off my knee. Devin quickly put a stop to this behavior because She had just gotten my suite cleaned and she did not want cheerios and slobber on the knees. So I started putting the cheerios on Devin's knee. That only lasted for 1 cheerio before we went back to the other forms of eating cheerios. I had a good time and Brian got a snack. Most of the afternoon was spent playing games eating lunch and just having a good time and if you wanted you could even take a nap which I did. I want to say thanks to Jeni and Bart for letting us come over right after having a new baby you are way cool. I am not sure if me calling you cool is a compliment or not since nerds are close to the bottom of the social food chain but you can think what you want.

We also got one other piece a good news this week Jill, my sister in law, is pregnant with their 4^th child. Congratulations and good luck to Josh Jill and the rest of their family. I mean 4 kids under the age of 5 is going to be quite a hand full. We are excited to see our family growing we now have 13 nieces and nephews with 3 more on the way. Good luck everyone, and tune in next week same Payne time same Payne channel.

Jared & Devin Payne

P.S. It is close to midnight and Devin works tomorrow so she did not proof read the letter so if it does not make sense it is her fault for not proof reading it not my fault for not fixing it.

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