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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter Febuary 22, 2009

Devin ran into a problem this week with scouts. Devin wanted the boys to pass off a requirement that they make something useful. The scout book recommend something like building a birdhouse or bookends. Devin's budget does not allow for such extravagant things to be built. Devin wanted to know what she could make with the scouts because the next day was scout day. I took Devin to Radio Shack and looked around and I figured out how to build LED flashlights. The next day I came home to do scouts with Devin. We worked with the boys for the whole time the scouts were here. We twisted wire, we taped batteries together, and we even discussed how the things work a little. The boys where convinced that there was enough electricity generated from 2 AA batteries that they could electrocute themselves to death. Devin and I tried to correct this fallacy but the boys continued to believe what they wanted. Eventually we put the flashlights together and the boys pushed the button to turn the flashlight on. The LED bulbs came on there was an instant flash of success followed by the smell of smoke and no more light. Even thought the flashlights did not work well it still worked for passing off the requirement.

After scouts Devin and I decided to go out on a date. We did not know what to do so I gave a suggestion. We could replace the blower in my car. When we go out on dates and other events we never take my car because of the blower. For those of you who do not know what the blower is. The blower is the fan that moves the air when your heater/air conditioner is on. The blower that was in my car worked but had a major problem; it sounded like a chain saw except louder. Devin and I spent the evening crawling under the dashboard replacing the blower. Devin is a champ and did a good job. The new blower is much quieter and I can now have the heater on and listen to the radio at the same time. I am happy that Devin will get in the car with me now.

Friday night and Saturday were a lots of fun. I came home from work and we made a long list of things that needed to be done that night and Saturday. The major events that were happening where: Grandma and Granddad Hurst were coming up from Blanding, UT to visit. Also, in case you forgot I am the ward mission leader and we had a baptism for Jordan Max Long (info. On him to follow) on Saturday. Devin and I have not gone shopping for a while so we where missing some important ingredients to have food over the weekend. We, also, had not attended the temple this week. Devin put everything on a prioritized list. We put the temple at the top of the list. I want you to know that putting the temple at the top of the list was the best decision we made. After attending the temple we felt calm and ready to tackle the rest of the list. We actually got a good hunk of them done that night. I got the rest of them done the next morning.

I had a good time at the baptism. Jordan is a 10 year old boy who's family has recently become active in the church. They brought a lot of family to the baptism. Everyone was excited to see Jordan get baptized. When I got home Granddad and Grandma Hurst were there, and to my surprise, Devin got off of work early and she was there as well. My brother, Jason, and his fiancée, Michelle, were here as well doing laundry. We all had a good time sitting around and talking about the boring normal stuff but we were entertained. Today we went to Salt Lake for the homecoming of Mike, Devin's cousin. Mike had been serving in the Portland Oregon mission. Mike did a very good job talking on his mission. After church we went over to Jim and Nikki's (Mike's parents) house and had a big family get together. We all had a great time talking about life and everything else, and eating lots of soup. It is always so much fun to have family around and see were everyone is going with their lives. We have enjoyed having Granddad and Grandma here. We also look forward to having them around for the next few days. Hopefully we will get some fun stories for you next week. We love you and wish the best.

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