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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter March 8, 2009

If you remember Devin ended our last letter with this line. “I'm going to be mean and say we do having something kind of exciting happening, but not going to mention what. All will be revealed next letter. “ Later that night we had Wendy and Shane over for dinner, They get our weekly boring family letter. Wendy barely got in the house before she insisted that we tell her what is the exciting news for the week. She seemed excited about the news and congratulated us. Thanks Wendy. Then Monday night I was talking to Devin and she insisted that I call Mom Payne after the big event and tell her what is going on. So I called my Mom Payne Tuesday and told her what is up and Mom got real excited for us. Devin called Mom Zobrist and she thought that this was some of the coolest news she has heard from us in a while. I am pretty sure it is more exciting than me loosing a pen or something. I also know Devin talked to Anna and her response was very similar to Mom Zobrist's response. I was just thinking about our exciting news for the week and except for the people who were here when Wendy asked what the news was, we have only told women what it is. Guys, please let us know what you think Are Devin and I discriminating on the basis of gender? If so we may be in violation of several Federal and State laws. If you have time please look up which ones we have broken and turn them into the proper authorities so we can pay for our crime. We are very excited to be moving forward with our lives and just to prove it Tuesday afternoon we went into LDS Family Services and had our first interview with our case worker, Karen. We also got set up with our on line account with them and we are going to start building our adoption profile. We are very excited and look forward to having a growing family.

In case you do not remember Devin denies the existence of Drier Gremlins. I am confident that, even though Devin denies this fact, she is in fact hiding her knowledge of these elusive creatures. I have had trouble with them for years. They seem to like the taste of my socks. My brother Jason says that they like to eat his underwear. I am sure that many of you know the problems that these creatures cause. There are a couple of things that I do know about Drier Gremlins.

  1. They do not like to be seen

  2. They are very good at hiding

  3. Driers cause dimensional shifts that allow them to steal their food source(Laundry)

  4. Devin figured out how to artificially cause the dimensional shift and is blackmailing them not to eat our laundry.

2 weeks ago I was helping Devin with the laundry and can you believe it one of the gremlins used their advanced technology and stole one of my socks. This drove Devin up the wall. At first she thought that I might have misplaced a sock because she knows that gremlins do not want to cross her. This went on for a long time. Eventually it became obvious that I was telling the truth. Devin must have slipped into their alternate reality and knocked some heads around, because on Tuesday morning when Devin took the sheets off the bed there was my sock under the fitted sheet. Devin took the opportunity to point out that it was my mistake that caused the sock to appear under the sheet, but we all know what Devin really did. If you are having trouble with Drier Gremlins hit up Devin for her trick it may work for you as well. That is if she will tell you.

Friday night my sister Jeni her husband Bart and their 3 kids Jessi, Brian and Chelsea came for the weekend. We stayed up late talking and just having fun that night. Family visiting brightened up my mood because earlier that day when Devin and I were grocery shopping, Devin told me that I could not have hot cake and cold pudding for breakfast. I even called my Mommy and told on Devin but my Mommy was not at home to fix the situation. We went to bed well after midnight which is very late for people who go to bed at 9:00. When I got up the next morning I helped prepare for Michelle's, my brother's fiancée, bridal shower that day. Those girls had soooo much stuff if they did not have enough of everything I would be surprised. The boys where in the process of getting the girls out the door when something amazing happened. My Mommy called Devin and told her about all the good things that are in cake and pudding and why they make such a well balanced breakfast. The high milk content in the pudding could not possibly be bad for you. Cake has eggs which provide needed protein. Cake also has flour which if you do not remember is a grain which is very healthy as well. That sounds like a well balanced breakfast if I have ever heard of one. Certainly it is no less healthy than pancakes and syrup. Thank you Mommy for talking to Devin about the nutritional values of cake and pudding. Well back to Jeni's visit. While the girls where doing boring stuff like shoving lots of bubble gum in Michelle's mouth, forcing her to pick out Jason's legs from a bunch of photos and eating delicious foods and just having a good time talking. The boys did exciting stuff like going to Cabellas and looked a manly things like guns and cannons. Brian even got to feed some fish. Everyone just had a great time talking and having more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Later that night we sent the kids upstairs to watch a movie while we played cards and talked to well after midnight again. That did not work out so well this morning because we had to get up early and Daylight Savings happened last night but we are surviving. Devin and I wish everyone a good week and hope everyone gets cake and pudding for breakfast one day this week, well I do at least.

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