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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Letter October 5, 2008

Let's just say this week went a little bit smoother for us. Jared is still dealing with the kidney stone though. He actually has an 8 mm one this time! The doctor's office was suppose to call us Friday to set up a surgery time (no way is Jared going to be able to pass this one on his own) but they didn't. As you can guess, this greatly upsets me. Oh well though. Nothing I can do but call them right when they open tomorrow. Which you can best bet I will :-) Due to the kidney stone, we weren't able to much. Thursday night I went to an institute class with a friend. Her name is Rebecca. They use to be our neighbors, but moved about a month ago now. We decided that it'd be fun for us to get out, have some girl time (her husband watched their kids), and we get spiritual upliftment. We're taking the first part of Old Testiment. The teacher seems really good. Let me tell you what Jared did THE WHOLE time I was gone...played old Nintendo games on the computer. He downloaded them before I left and seriously, he was in the exact same spot as when I left him. Can't say I entirely blame him though. On Saturday we got another new neighbor. Yeah, two moved out, now two moved in. This new neighbor is a woman about mid-40's, early 50's. She's a single woman with two grown girls. She seems really nice. We went and helped move her in a bit. They were close to done by the time we got there. Wasn't conference absolutely wonderful? I always love listening to the general authorities and then get to read it again later. Anyway~ that was about the extent of our week. This week should be a lot of more exciting. We are finally having our home inspection for foster care. YAY!!!!! After this though, we still have to wait to be approved, but hopefully it won't take nearly as long. We're going to ask our inspector. So tune in next week to hear about Jared's surgery and how the inspection went. Next week will be more entertaining because Jared will write it. Hope this finds everyone well. We love you all!

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